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1.   I used to speak Spanish.
[Yo] hablaba español.
2.   Were you speaking on the telephone? (familiar)
Hablabas por teléfono?
3.   Were you talking too much? (polite)
Hablaba usted demasiado?
4.   He was speaking with his friend.
El hablaba con su amigo.
5.   We used to talk every day.
Nosotros hablábamos todos los dias.
6.   You guys were talking too loud. (familiar, as in Spain)
Vosotros hablabais demasiado alto.
7.   Were you talking quietly? (plural)
¿Hablaban ustedes tranquilamente?
8.   They were talking about the game. (feminine)
Ellas hablaban acerca del juego.
9.   Conjugate regular "ar" verb in the imperfect.
Drop the "ar" from the infinitive form and add the appropriate ending (aba) (abas) (aba) … (ábamos) (abais) (aben)