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1.   I had a small office./I used to have a small office.
Yo tenía una officina pequeño.
2.   You used to be [have] cold all the time. (familiar).
Tú tenías frío todo el tiempo.
3.   Did you used to have a lot of friends? (polite)
¿Tenía usted muchos amigos?
4.   He had an easy problem. [He was having an easy problem]
El tenía un problema fácil.
5.   We had a small business. [We used to have a small business.]
Nosotros teníamos un negocio pequeño
6.   You people were having too many problems. (familiar, as in Spain)
Vosotros teníais demasiados problemas.
7.   You guys used to have a boat.
Ustedes tenían un barco.
8.   They had their tickets. [They were having their tickets.]
Ellos tenían sus boletos.