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1.   Used to express action in the past that may still be incomplete.
Used to express action in the past that may still be incomplete.
2.   I was at the bus station.
Yo estaba en la estación de autobús.
3.   You were at my house. (familiar)
Tú estabas en mi casa.
4.   You were happy./You used to be happy. (polite)
Usted estaba feliz.
5.   He was here.
El estaba aquí.
6.   She was wet./It was wet. (feminine)
Ella estaba mojada.
7.   It was dry./It used to be dry.
Estaba seco.
8.   We were busy.
Nosotros estábamos ocupados.
9.   You were late. (plural)
Ustedes estaban atrasados.
10.                     You were in the mountains. (plural, familiar, as in Spain)
Vosotros estabais en las montañas.
11.                     They were alone./They used to be alone.
Ellos estaban solos.
12.                     They were with their husbands.
Ellas estaban con sus esposos.
13.                     Everybody was there.
Todos estaban allí.