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how people learn?
theory suggest that learning is a combination of organization and utilization
what are the four preferred learning styles?
what is spontaneous learning?
"do" rather than "read about,"
riding a bike
what is organized learning?
work within a structure or routine
what is conceptual
work independently to solve problems
what is an interactive learner?
work with others
what type fo strategy employ information processing model?
tell you "what", why , how
allow practice,
give feedback,
evaluate your performace,
transfer: use what you learn in other coursework or college in general
what are the four strategy of achievement?
1. take reasonable risk
2. take responsibility
3. search the environment
4. use feedback
what is consider taking a reasonable risk?
1. the EMPOWERING strategy
2. pple wh achve r thse wh chllnge thmslvs,bt dn't st thmslvs fr flure
what are the substrategy of taking reasonble risk?
how is going for goal consider a reasonble risk?
> setting realistic , attainble goals is one part of reasonable risk
how is bite sizing pieces help you?
breaking large tasks into smaller
planing to read entire text tonis is 'unreasonable'
planing to read a chapter is reasonable
what is taking responsibility mean?
1. THE BELIEF strategy
2. understand what u have control over and what you don't have control over
a. you Do have controll over your achievement
believe that you have the capability to succeed(confidence)
wht is then differentiates those who succeed from those who fail? answer they believe they will succeed
what are the substrategies of taking responsibility?
1. think positive
2. Plan
what is thinking positive?
. nobody can make you do anything, you have to ame yourself do it
. you can succeed if you work at it
. you can succeed if you believe you have what it takes to succeed
.but thing positive alone will not be enough, it will only serve as a motivating force to try
how is planing part of taking responsibility?
. living spontaneously is great, but you need to plan what you wan to achieve
. having a GOAL alone isn't good enough -you need to plan to reach your goals
what does it mean to SEARCH THE ENVIRONMENT?
the ACTION strategy
. all learning requires searching the environment
. how, for exple, did you learn to use a computer watching, reading,,,all possible ways trelect searching the environment in order to learn
tinnkering, reading a manual, help from an exper, watching someone else
what are substrategies of searching the environment?
1. Just ask
2. Visualize it
What is just ask?
to organize and utilized it best ask yourself, "what question does this information answer?
sometimes you're asking others, sometimes you're asking yourself
how do you visualize it?
often the best way to organize information is to do so visualy(righ side brain) rather than with words
examples of using such visualization aids are charsts, lines, arrows, and diagrams
the REACTION strategy
. withou feedback, there is unlikely to be change
. since learning is change, learning requires feedback
what are substrategies of use feedback?
1. keep track
2. tell yourself