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fixed ratio
set behavoir, fixed ratio
schedule desired # responses
when a CS no longer produces CR, becomes NS
operate conditioning
learning from instances of behavoir (control)
ability to distinguish between NS and other CS
instumental learning
(basis) know consquence of your behavoir, el thorndike came up w/ it
ivin pavlov
russian psycho. won noble prize for digestive system
disc. classical cond. by acc.
primary: innate (food water)
secondary: anything else learned to value
classical conditioning
when NS is paired w/ a UCS to cause a UCR
thru reptition, NS becomes CD producing a CR
continuous reinforcement
reinforce for EVERy desired res....costly,
a relatively permanent change in behavoir resulted from experience
reinforcing succevily closer responses to the desired response
step by step
when a NS has similar characteristics to CS, it will cause a CR
variable interval
same as fixed, but time changes
applications for classical conditioning
flooding, systematic desensit.
and counter conditioning
bf skinner
takes thorns ideas makes into operate conditioning
complete emersion of ones fears traumatic effective
variable ratio
reinforcement afer an average # responses
systematic descseitization
slowly, step-by-step imersion of fears ppl more willing
fixed interval
recieve rein. for a certain behav. after a certain time has passed
law of affect
behav. followed by
+ consqu: stregthen
- consqu: weaken