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I tell you (tú)
te digo
(Juan 3:3) (ir*) (1s) (present) (indicative)
where it is coming from
de dónde viene
(Juan 3:8) (ir*) (3s) (present) (indicative)
where it is going to
a dónde va
(Juan 3:8) (ir*) (3s) (present) (indicative)
does not come to the light
no viene a la luz
(Juan 3:20) (ir*) (3s) (present) (indicative)
You (Tú) are requesting me...?
¿me pides...?
(Juan 4:9) (ir*) (2s) (present) (indicative)
says (or, is saying)
(Juan 4:10) (ir*) (3s) (present) (indicative)
The one that hears my word
El que oye mi palabra
(Juan 5:24) (ir*) (3s) (present) (indicative)
To this one the porter opens
A éste abre el portero (a éste el portero abre)
(Juan 10:3) (ir) (3s) (present) (indicative)
the sheep hear his voice
las ovejas oyen su voz
(Juan 10:3) (ir*) (3p) (present) (indicative)
the sheep follow (or are following) him
las ovejas le siguen
(Juan 10:4) (ir*) (3p) (present) (indicative)
I say
(Juan 10:7) (ir*) (1s) (present) (indicative)
he/she doesn't come
no viene
(Juan 10:10) (ir*) (3s) (present) (indicative)
If I go (away)
si me voy
(Juan 14:3) (ir*) (1s) (present) (indicative)
no one comes to the Father, except through Me
nadie viene al Padre, sino por mí
(Juan 14:6) (ir*) (3s) (present) (indicative)
Christ died for us
Cristo murió por nosotros
(Romanos 5:8) (ir*) (3s) (present) (indicative)
I am coming soon
vengo pronto
(Apocalipsis 22:20 (NBLH)) (ir*) (1s) (present) (indicative)