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Define Kaizen
A Japanese term meaning “change for the better”.
Applied to business organizations, it implies
continuing improvement involving everyone: CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT
Define Poka-Yoke
A Japanese expression meaning “common or
simple, mistake proof”. A method of preventing
errors by putting limits on how an operation can be
performed in order to force the correct completion of
the operation: QUALITY AT THE SOURCE
Define JIT
A system of managing production processes that
result in line-balancing, one-piece flow, and little or no excess material inventory on hand. A strategy that concentrates on making quality products, in the quantity needed, when needed: CREATING FLOW & ELIMINATING WASTE
Define Jidoka
A form of automation in which machinery
automatically inspects each item after producing it,
ceasing production and notifying humans if a defect
Define 5S
Sort, Store, Shine, Standardize, Sustain / 6th S = Safety
Define 3P
Production Preparation Process: "3P simulates the actual components, product and production line of a new product during the early stages of the design process to learn about manufacturing or delivery requirements before making commitments to a floor plan or process flow."