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Compare true septa vs pseudosepta?
pseudosepta doesn't have crosswalls that go all the way through
Compare muriform vs dictyospore
muriform has crosswalls going vertical and horizontal
What is the difference between fungal spots and bacterial spots?
bacterial spots can't cross veins
What are the signs that symptoms of Alternaria?
dark-colored bowling pin-shaped multicellular spores with vertical and horizontal septa
zonate spots
causes early blight of tomatoes
What are the S and S of Pyricularia?
pear-shaped, 2-3 celled spores
oval to diamond-shaped spot
causes Gray leaf spot on St. Augustinegrass
What are the S and S of Bipolaris?
causes Southern corn leaf blight
What are the S and S of Cercospora?
elongate, hyaline spores
spots have purple hue
What are the S and S of Corynespora?
percurrent proliferation of conidiospores
conidiospores single
germinate from both tips