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What is the waxy layer that prevents further water loss?
What is the name of the layer that appears to be cylinder-shaped cells that make food (glucose)?
Palisade Layer
What part of the leaf contains the chlorophyll that splits water into hydrogen and oxygen?
What part of the leaf transports material such as water and minerals to and from the leaf?
What can be found between the spongy and palisade layers?
Air Space
What part of the leaf allows gases to enter and leave the leaf?
What part of the leaf protects the lower tissues of the leaf?
Lower Epidermis
What part of the leaf protects the upper tissues of the leaf?
Upper Epidermis
What part of the leaf surrounds the stomate and regulates the opening and closing of the stomate?
Guard Cells
Which layer of the leaf has irregularly shaped cells that make glucose and have air spaces between them.
Spongy Layer