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What is Lead Management?
describes the methodologies and systems to manage customer prospects and inquiries generated by different marketing techniques.
What is the life cycle of a lead?
* Prompt with Advertising
* Invite Customer inquiry/response
* Capture lead
* Prioritize lead
* Distribute lead
* Sales contact
* Lead conversion or retention
* Sales result
Give two examples of Lead Generation
1)Website request for information such as a white paper.
2)Complete a free online registration to gain access to a mortgage quote, career assessment, etc.
What is marketing analytics?
The dynamic review and analysis of lead actions, marketing channels and sales performance. Used together this information can improve production and ROI.
What is lead generation?
The creation of generation of prospective consumer interest or inquiry into business products or services.
What is a lead?
The information provided by a consumer that may be interested in making a purchase.
What is generation?
Any type of activity that may produce information or perceived
interest about a product or service.
Lead Generation is what kind of problem?
A rendezvous problem: Two parties seeking each other but obscured from finding each other due to differences in time, distance or attention.
What are the two primary rendezvous strategies?
Broadcast and Concentration.
What is the Broadcast rendezvous strategy?
It is the communication of information to a large group of candidates with an expectation of a statistical response to the marketer i.e. Direct Mail Advertising.
What is the Concentration rendezvous strategy?
It involves identifying and creating situations that concentrate well-matched candidates into a broadcast-effective set. Market segmentation and trade shows are classic examples of concentration-marketing rendezvous strategies
What are 5 examples of lead generation marketing methodologies?
*Broadcast Advertising
*Direct Mail
*Event or Trade Show marketing
*Seminar or Training
*Publicity and Public Relations
*White papers or Product Literature
*Email marketing
*Web Marketing (Search Engine Optimization or Internet Media buying)
What are 5 examples of lead acquisition?
*Business card
*Participant scanner
*Inquiry card
*Inbound telephone
*Web form
What are 5 examples of lead Management metrics?
What are 5 of 10 ways to better manage sales leads
1)Define a concrete definition of a lead and communicate it to the team.
2)Use an effective CRM (Customer Relationship Management)tool which integrates information from different channels and captures information about prospects and customers throughout the interaction process.
3)Track the source of the lead i.e. what was last page viewed before coming to your website or print ad or other form of advertising.
4)Distribute leads quickly insures customers interest.
5)Nurture your leads by developing campaigns that allow you to touch prospects multiple times so they can be moved through the sales cycle until they're ready to buy.
6)excite staff about each prospect by encouraging the team to ask prospect: "What interested you about our products?" and "why is it important to you?"
7)Tag leads with important classification information such as Competitor, objections,referral or not, products already owned etc.
8)Treat prospects like customers.
9)Measure everything you do: first decide what you want to measure and why.
10)Hold regular meetings to share objectives, review lead quality, win/loss records, and tracking CRM systems to improve process
Bonus) Preload database with the right prospects. Perform customer analysis and segmentation before campaign, id a few external attributes about them such as geography, SIC code, company size or internal attributes such as products, territory, credit and contract type. Use this profiling information to better define and acquire new prospects.
Source: Greg Anderson -