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Comprehending involves
Feedback is the process by which you do
Share ideas and listen to reactions to them in a two-way interactive process
Personal counseling deals with
personal matters such as school conflicts and family problems
The "A" in the ABCD's of leadership is?
When actively listening, the term "attending" means
being physically attentive to the person with whom you are communicating
How do you increase the availability for work?
by training
Performance counseling deals with
improving or maintaining performance
Career counseling deals with
training, promotions, and the development of potential
Increasing the availability for work
means the workload does not have to be shifted or distributed
List the five leadership roles of an officer
Commands, concentrates on unit training, concerned with operations, attention to standards of performance of officers and NCOs, creates conditions so NCO can do job
Eddie Rickenbacker was the president of what airline?
Eastern Airlines
What is involved in selecting the right person for the right job?
Interview individual, make follow-up interviews, place for full utilization of abilities
The "D" in the ABCD's of leadership is?
The "C" in the ABCD's of leadership is?
The first black woman to receive her pilot's license
Bessie Coleman
To get ready to listen you must
Put away distractions, think about the subject, establish common core of experience
List the six duties of an NCO as a supervisor
Stimulate the will to work, increase the ability to produce, increase the availability for work, use individuals fully, schedule subordinates efficiently, put the right person in the right job, review the need for tasks
The "B" in the ABCD's of leadership is?
Who was the ace of aces during World War I for the US?
Eddie Rickenbacker
List the three types of counseling
performance, career, personal
Leadership is best learned by which method?
demonstration-performance method
List the six leadership roles of an NCO
Conducts daily business of CAP, focuses on individual training, concerned with training, individual cadet and teams, concentrates on standards of performance of NCOs and cadets, gets the job done
A job description is another form of a checklist. The key items are:
Interview, Follow-up interview, Plan to "maximize" your people's abilities
Putting the right person in the right job is called
homogeneous assignment
What two factors other than the leader influence the exercise of leadership?
the unit and the mission