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The three overlapping parts to followership are?
the job
the leader-follower relationship and your responsibility to yourself
It means putting your unit ahead of your own needs, builds teamwork
People of any group are similar and different from each other. This is known as Fact of _________?
Key person in the unit. Acts as the flight commander when the flight commander is absent.
Flight Sergeant
Fact of Change relies on the fact we live in an ever changing world and must make sure our verbal maps are accurate. (T/F)
To make the chain of command work is the role of the _______
to preserve yourself within the larger unit
The reason CAP has standards
To provide specific guidelines on conduct, performance and discipline
The parts of The Job are?
Know what the job is
Know how to do the job
Do the job
Name the 3 barriers to communication
No common core of experience.
Confusion between symbols and the thing being symbolized.
Misuse of abstractions.
The succession of commanding officers through which command is experienced is the ?
"chain of command"
They combined their work in a bicycle repair business with their hobby of gliding. Achieved the feat of making the first powered air-flight possible on December 17, 1903 at Kitty Hawk, NC.
Orville and Wilbur Wright
Collect and compare information on the cadet unit, identify problems and alternate solutions, pass this information up the chain of command to the cadet squadron commander is the purpose of the
NCO support channel
Use words your audience and you experienced together, use concrete words, use words in their usual sense and define any words that may be misunderstood.
How to improve communication
The demonstration technique uses a sequence of steps to show
a procedure, technique or operation
"CAP squadron" is abstract because two people, each from a different squadron, see different things. One squadron may have 15 seniors and meet on an Air Force base. Another may have 5 cadets and meet in a high school. The two squadrons are different although they are called a "CAP squadron" This is called?
Misuse of abstractions
Why are two-valued terms misleading?
They over-simplify and hide possible alternative meanings
What traits are common to followership and leadership?
Loyalty, integrity, and self-discipline
Why is the demonstration-performance teaching technique so effective when teaching drill?
As the instructor, you get fast feedback.
How many chains of command are there?
NCOs must learn about the needs of their people (T/F)
Who makes up the NCO support channel?
Cadet First Sergeant, Cadet Flight Sergeant, and cadet element leaders
The 3 facts about words that influence our language usage
Factors of complexity, change, and difference
The three major leadership traits essential to followership are
loyalty, integrity, and self discipline
to function as a team member, not a "prima donna"
The most reliable position with the highest leadership qualities of any NCO in the cadet structure
First Sergeant
Whose responsibilities are to teach your element basic drill movements, relay information to them, and position them within the flight?
Element Leader
What is the greatest barrier to communication?
No common core of experience
Our words must accurately represent the events you mean them to represent this is known as?
Fact-Word Relationship
Words do not transfer meanings at all, they are only symbols. It is how you interpret the word that gives it meaning which is based on your experience. This is what barrier?
Confusion between the symbol and the thing being symbolized
Whose responsibility is it to know where the members of their elements are, get information on their people's needs and corrects them on personal appearance.
Element Leader
Is there anything you know everything about? Your nervous system can never get all the details of anything. This is known as?
Facts of Complexity