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Discipline means you know the standards and you enforce them (T/F)
"The Flag" and "the Colors" are used to denote the US flag. Our US flag is called ____ ______.
Old Glory
What signals the end of the duty day?
What is the triangular flag used primarily for parade markers called?
What is "To the Colors"?
a bugle call sounded as a salute to the flag.
The use of flags used in CAP are described in detail in what publication?
CAPR 900-2
What is the swallow tailed flag used for small marching units called?
Today's CAP uniform is essentially the same as that worn by the US Air Force. What distinguishes you as a part of CAP?
CAP distinctive insignia
When in uniform indoors and the national anthem or To the Colors is played in the program what actions do you do?
Face the flag and stand at attention, if the flag is not present stand at attention and face the music.
During the National Anthem, when do you stand at attention, remove headgear with the right hand and place headgear over the left shoulder with right hand over the heart. No hats, place right hand over the heart at a ceremony?
When in civilian or athletic clothing.
You salute flags flown from stationary flag staffs on military establishments during what occasions?
reveille, retreat, and special occasions
The present design of the US flag with seven red and six white stripes, and 50 stars has existed since ______.
Reveille signals the beginning of the duty day (True/False)
US flag, the National Anthem and To The Colors are all what?
When in uniform, but not in formation outdoors at any ceremony where the US flag is present what action do you take?
Come to attention, face the flag in the ceremony and salute. If flag is not visible face the music and salute in its direction.
The act of transferring ideas into the minds of others is what basic communication approach?
Self-action method
The goal of communication is to ?
share meaning
The person-to-person approach of sharing a meaning rather than sending a message.
Unquestioned loyalty to leaders is not always good. (True/False)
What are the three basic approaches to communication?
self action, interaction, transaction
What is the transfer of an idea from a sender to a receiver through a medium?
What are verbal and non-verbal symbols?
message symbols
Your state of mind behind your actions is your __________.
"When in uniform and passing the US flag salute six paces before reaching the flag and hold the salute until you pass six paces beyond (True/False)
A positive attitude and meaningful message symbols are part of the effectiveness as a communicator for the _________-_________
Units must have high standards, but they have to be ______,______,and _______.
realistic, attainable, and maintainable
You can command loyalty. (True/False)
FALSE. You cannot command others to be loyal to you; it must be earned.
An audience's reaction is ________ to a communicator.
How well communicate depends on your receiver's background, experiences, and education? (True/False)
Interaction is the communication method where _______ response is integral.
Correcting should be encouraging and positive, never ________ or _________.
demeaning or demoralizing
What govern's the unit's effectiveness?
group discipline
For effective group morale, a unit must be different from all other units, must be effective, and must be known for something positive. This is known as ______ __ ________.
Esprit de corps
What guides your daily attitude and can come only from inside yourself?
Discipline helps ensure the needed, predictable actions especially during emergency services. (True or False)
Next to learning to drill as a single person, the most important drill activity is to drill as part of a _____.
Performing customs and courtesies smartly and properly builds ______,_____, and _____-_______.
pride, confidence, and self-respect
Self-discipline is a building block to a bigger goal, called _____ ______.
group discipline
What basic approach to communication is sharing a meaning rather than sending a message?
Showing politeness and personal recognition to others is _________.
An element is made up of ___ to ____ people.
3 to 8 people
Who was the Commanding General of the Army Air Force during WWII. In May 1949, he was named General of the Air Force, the first such commission ever made?
General Henry "Hap" Arnold
Doing what you know is right is _______.