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What are the five aspects of followership?
Respect for Authority
What is the key to a good attitude?
What aspect of followership is trustworthiness and dependability in doing any task expected of you?
What is the strict adherence to a code of conduct?
_____________ means that you do a task because you see that it needs to be done, not because you are told to do it.
____________ is internally, not externally motivated.
___________ is a critical skill for everyone and a key to learning.
What are the three missions of Civil Air Patrol?
Aerospace Education
Cadet Programs
Emergency Services
The chain of command in every CAP unit is by definition the ___________.
Order of Authority
How many chains of command are there?
Simple politeness, civility, respect, and personal recognition of the rights of others is _____?
When you use the terms "sir or ma’'am", this is a __________?
Name the steps to report indoors to an officer.
Knock on the door firmly once
When told to enter take the most direct route to the officer.
Halt two paces from the officer or in front of the officer’s desk
Salute and say “Sir/Ma’am, (your CAP grade and last name) reporting as ordered.”
Hold the salute until the officer has returned your salute.
Stand at attention unless told to do otherwise.
How do you depart after reporting to an officer indoors?
After dismissed by the officer, come to position of attention and render a hand salute.
Hold the salute until the officer returns it.
Execute the appropriate facing movement so you can take the most direct route out of the office.
The proper wear of the CAP uniform is described in what publication?
CAPM 39-1
CAP wears the same uniform as the US Air Force. What distinguishes it from the US Air Force?
CAP uniform has distinctive insignia to show membership in CAP.
What is the primary purpose for drill in CAP?
To learn teamwork
What is the CAP motto?
Semper Vigilans
Civil Air Patrol was founded in _____?
Who was the first national commander of Civil Air Patrol?
Major General John F. Curry
The salute is an example of a ___________.
Military Courtesy
Your goal in CAP is to help others develop a _________ attitude and __________ state of mind.
Positive, constructive
Correcting others should be done on the spot and ___________.
In communications, the act of transferring thoughts or ideas into the minds of others is ___________.
When one message influences the next message for an example you tell a joke, your audience laughs in communications, this is an example of ____________.
Which communications approach focuses on the idea of sharing a meaning rather than sending a message?
Verbal and non-verbal symbols are examples of __________ symbols.
The use of flags used in Civil Air Patrol is described in detail in which regulation?
CAPR 900-2
The US Flag, the National Anthem and To the colors are all _______________.
The communication method where a receiver’s response is integral.
The person-to-person approach of meaning sharing is _____________.
The audience’s reaction in communication is _________.
The first named General of the Air Force was?
General Henry “Hap” Arnold
What are the three overlapping parts to followership?
The job, the leader-follower relationship and your responsibility to yourself.
What three traits are common to followership and leadership?
Loyalty, integrity, self-discipline
Who makes up the NCO support channel?
Cadet first sergeant, cadet flight sergeant, and cadet element leaders.
What are the three facts about words that influence our language usage?
Facts of complexity, Fact of change, and Fact of differences.
Why does CAP have standards?
To provide specific guidelines on conduct, performance and discipline.
A standard is a measure of what a thing should be, a benchmark, a yardstick. It is a rule or principle used in judgment. (True or False).
Why are two-valued terms misleading?
They over-simplify and hide possible alternative meanings.
Why is the demonstration-performance teaching technique so effective when teaching drill?
As the instructor, you get fast feedback.
The role of the noncommissioned officer is to make the chain of command work. (True or False)
Who is the most reliable position with the highest leadership qualities of any NCO in the cadet structure?
First Sergeant
Name the three barriers to communications_______, ________, and _________.
No common core of experience, Confusion between the symbol and the thing being symbolized, Misuse of abstractions.