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which leader style involves unquestioned compliance with thier plans and instructions?
the coercer.
what type of leaders are self-directed and expect others to be self-directed?
the pacesetter.
list 4 major types of advising and counseling sessions?
personal, career, performance, and disciplinary.
what size rating badge is warn on a pea coat for a women?
3-1/4" wide
at which mopp level would you be required to carry a mcu-2p gas mask?
mopp level ii
what are the minimum elements of a command managed equal opportunity(cmeo) program within any command?
ctt,cat,action planning, and inspections.
what are 3 types of instructional methods and techques?
the lecture, discussion method, demo method.
what are some of the roles you fullfill as a lpo?
technical expert, superviser, leader, advisor/counselor, and mentor
what ucmj article you can be charged with if you are ua?
article 86, absent without leave.
what ucmj article can be charged if you fail to follow a lawful general order or regulation?
article 92,
which creo cat indicates an undermanned rating?
cat 1
which creo cat indicates an overmanned rating?
cat 3