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There are five defensive mechanisms, rationalization, repression, projection, displacement, compensation. (true/false)
Fooling yourself through twisted logic that your behavior is rational and justifiable is what type of defensive behavior?
Denying certain painful facts actually exist is which type of defensive behavior?
Not being aware of fulfilling your needs through other people is which type of defensive behavior?
Shifting emotions, attitudes or fantasies from a person or object to another that is more socially acceptable is which type of defensive behavior?
Overcoming a shortcoming by trying real hard to excel in another field is which type of defensive behavior?
According to Abraham Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs there are two types of needs Physiological and Psychological. (true/false)
Physiological needs are your basic needs to survive, food, sleep, oxygen, etc. (true/false)

Psychological needs include safety, belonging, self esteem and self actualization. (true/false)
Altruism is the selfless pursuit of higher needs. (true/false)
Feeling safe from danger and pain is what psychological need?
Safety need
Love and affection between two people and affiliation with other people as a member of a group is what psychological need?
Belonging need
Feeling worthy and respected is what psychological need?
Self-esteem need
Your want for self fulfillment, to fulfill a purpose in life is what psychological need?
Self-actualizing need
Maslow's Hierarchy of needs is arranged in what type of shape?
The bottom of Maslow's hierarchy of needs is Physiological, what is the top of his list?
List Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs from the bottom of the pyramid to the top.
Physiological, Safety, Social Needs, Esteem needs, and Self-fulfillment
Why is recognition important?
People repeat behavior that leads to rewards and avoid behavior that does not
Planning is essential for consistency and ___________.
What three major factors shape your personality?
Heredity, Environment, and Experience
List the four types of Discipline
Self Discipline, Task Discipline, Group Discipline, Imposed Discipline
The level of imposed discipline decreases as self discipline increases (true/false)
The discipline you practice on by yourself is what type of discipline?
The discipline required to complete your job to the best of your ability is what type of discipline?
Task discipline
The discipline required to function as a team is what type of discipline?
Group discipline
The discipline enforced by obedience to lawful orders and regulations
Imposed discipline
What two things can you do to create an atmosphere where your subordinates can be successful?
Motivate and Recognize
You can maintain good discipline by Education and training, Setting the example, communicating, and ______ ________.
Enforcing standards
General James Doolittle led a flight of 16 B-25 on a raid over Japan. In September 1929 he made the first successful?
blind, instrument-controlled landing.