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Task-Related Attitudes + Behaviors
A.Adaptability to Situations
B.Direction Setting
C.High Performance Standards
D.Risk-Taking + Bias for Action
E.Hand-on Guidance and Feedback
F.Stability of Performance
G.Ability to Ask Tough Questions
Adaptability to Situations
1.effective leaders adapt, accept change, flexible
2.selects organization structure best suited
Direction Setting
1.leader must set direction of the change
a.creating vision + a component of strategy
2.describes a feasible way of achieving the vision
High Performance Standards
1.hold group member to high standards of performance
a.periodicity like to increase
b.people tend to live up to expectations
2.perception contributes to success or failure
a.think he will fail, will not be disappointed
b.think he will succeed, communicated belief unconsciously
Risk-Taking + A Bias for Action
1.must take risk to change, big risk = big rewards
2.bias = a desire to execute a plain, rather then create without following through
a.calculated risk, educated risk
b.not waiting, taking action