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what modalities are good for viewing soft tissue?
plain xray, MRI, and bone scans
what modalities are good for viewing bone?
plain xray, CT, and bone scan
since xrays are 2D representations of 3D objects, what can be done to rectify this?
take an orthagonal view of the original xray
what is the protocol when looking at xrays when differential is bony pathology
first look at radiological soft tissue then look at radiological bone tissue
what condyles are more fused in genu valgum? genu varum?
valgum: lateral condyles
varum: medial condyles
what must be done when long bones are injured?
get views of joints at both ends of the bone.
what is the view that is optimal for viewing the ankle? describe it.
the mortis view in which the tibia and fibula are both in the same plane.