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Definition of "Terrorism" US code Title 22 Section f(d)
US code Title 22 Section f(d) states: Premeditated, politically motivated violence perpetrated against noncombatant targets by sub-national Groups or clandestine agents usually intended to influence an audience.
Definition of "Terrorism" US Department of Justice
A violent Act or an Act dangerous to human life, in violation of criminal laws of the United States or any segment to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population , or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives.
Definition of "Terrorism" FBI
the unlawful use of force or violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof in furtherance of political or social objectives.
Terrorist Methods
A desire to further political or social objectives, to target civilian population, with intent to coerce a government or its civilian population
Domestic Terrorism Include:
Right-Wing terrorists
Left-Wing terrorists
Special Interest Groups
"Lone-Wolf" Terrorists
Right-Wing Domestic Terrorists
• new world order
• Gun control
• Apocalyptic Views
• White Supremacy
• Anti-Government
• Anti-Taxation
• Anti-abortion
• Religion

Tactics: Bombing

Targets: Federal, State and Local Governmental Agencies
Domestic: Left-Wing Groups
• Revolutionary socialists
• Protestors Against Capitalism
• Protestors against Imperialism

Tactics: Bombing

• Federal, State and Local Governmental Agencies
• Symbols of US Government and Democracy
Domestic: Special Interest groups
• Animal rights
• Environmental Preservation
• Abortion rights
• Bombing
• Arson
• Sabotage

• Public Health
• Laboratories
• Business
• Abortion clinics
International Terrorists Groups
• State Sponsors of International Terrorism
• Formalized terrorist groups
• Loosely Affiliated International radical Extremists
• Bombings
• Hijackings
• Assassinations
• Symbolic targets
• Mass Destruction
• Mass Casualties
Examples of State sponsored Terrorists Groups
• Iran
• Syria,
• Sudan
• Libya
• Cuba
• North Korea
International Terrorists Groups: Formalized
More Formalized terrorist groups are autonomous organizations with their own infrastructure, personnel, financial arrangements and training facilities.

Examples: Hezbollah, Irish Republican Army, Sikh, and the Tamil Tigers
International Terrorists Groups: Loosely Affiliated Radical Extremists
Loosely Affiliated Radical Extremists are neither surrogates of, nor strongly influenced by any one nation. They are considered wild-cards. Examples would be Al Qaeda and affiliated groups such as Abu Sayyaf and Anssar al-Islam.
Trends in international Terrorism
Groups are moving a way from the State Sponsored Terrorism and becoming more autonomous, (Al Qaeda, Hezbolah, PLO, etc)
What are the Homeland Security Threat levels
Red Severe
Orange High
Yellow Elevated
Blue Guarded
Green Low
Counter Terrorism Measures

Terrorist Indicator: Formation or Increase group

Recruitment Flyers, Rallies/Meetings, Websites, Documents and statements
Law Enforcement Actions:

Identification of recruitment
Counter Terrorism Measures

Terrorist Indicator: Fundraiser

Identification theft
Forged Checks
Business scams
Drug Sales
Law Enforcement Actions:

Remove Financial Support
Counter Terrorism Measures

Terrorist Indicator: Weapons Selection

Explosives and Firearms
Military and law enforcement armories
Manufacturing and construction
Black Market Sources
state sponsors (eg. Syria, Iran)
Covert bom factories
Gun shops
hardware stores
farming / nurseries
Law Enforcement Actions:

Monitor Substances used in weapons
Counter Terrorism Measures

Terrorist Indicator: Select Target

Critical infrastructure
critical assets
Symbolic Sites
Gathering Places
specific terrorist goal
Law Enforcement Actions:

Counter Terrorism Measures

Terrorist Indicator: Specific Dates

Anniversary date
Significant birth dates
historical dates
religious holidays
Law Enforcement Actions:

Increase Security on key dates
ounter Terrorism Measures

Terrorist Indicator: conduct Reconnaissance

Proximity and frequency
Duration of surveillance
unusual interest
Identification and uniform theft
use of computer hackers
notes, maps, and drawings
false alarms
still video cameras
Law Enforcement Actions:

Counter surveillance
Counter Terrorism Measures

Terrorist Indicator: Move Weapons to target location


Nervous actions
Odd clothing for locale
Overloaded vehicle
Fixed Stare
Protruding wires
Unusual Odors
Unusual packages
Law Enforcement Actions:

Car stops
Pedestrian stops
field Interrogation cards
Report Writing
Counter Terrorism Measures

Terrorist Indicator: Terrorist Egress

False multiple passports
no current /fixed address
Materials in possession
Use of Rental or Recently purchased vehicles
Multiple hotel receipts
using all cash transactions
possession of one way travel tickets
Law Enforcement Actions:

Increased awareness of suspicious behavior

Counter Terrorism Measures

Terrorist Indicator: Weapon Activation

Device Activators
-buttons, switches, cel phones
Weapon Specific Signs
Law Enforcement Response:

Mitigate with response procedures
Counter Terrorism Measures

Terrorist Indicator: Media Attention

Pre-Incident announcement
use of media to trigger cell
Claims of responibility
Covert Messages
Group Statement of support
Law Enforcement Response:

Increase media awareness of specific terrorism problem
Counter Terrorism Measures

Terrorist Indicator: Terrorist Claim of responsibility

Media statements
Direct formal notification to government
Extremist BLOGS and writings
Law Enforcement Response:

Law Enforcement Investigation
Counter Terrorism Measures

Terrorist Indicator: Reduce Public Support of Government

Shows government can not protect the people
Protracted loss of life undermines public support
Fear of more attacks causes public to call for policy changes
Fear causes unrest and uncertainty
Law Enforcement Response:

government must maintain strong appearance
Additional Indicators: Equipment
-Tactical Gear
-PPE - Personal protective Gear
-Official Vehicles
-2 way radio equipment
-Surveillance Equipment
-Disguises (uniforms)
-Identification banks for Manufacturing
-Scientific Equipment
-laboratory Components
-Spraying/disseminating devices
Additional Indicators: Training / Rehearsal Indicators
-Training camps
-Commercial Schools and ranges
-Explosive Tests Evidence