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-Identifies powers and duties of government
-rights afforded to all individuals in our country or state
A Constitution
Highest law of the land.
The U.S. Constitution
When was U.S. Constitution ratified?
-9 of 13 states in 1789

-remaining 4 states by May, 1790
When was Bill of Rights ratified?
Why was the U.S. Constitution established?

B.A.D. K.E.G.
1)-secure the "Blessings of liberty" (B)
2)-to provide "A more perfect Union" (A)
3)-ensure "Domestic tranquility" (D)

4)-provide for the "Kommon defense" (K)
5)-"Establish justice" (E)
6)-promote "General welfare" (G)
Framework of Government established by Constitution:
(3 branches)
Orig. Constitution guaranteed few indiv. rights.
First session of Congress proposed what?
ten Amendments to Constit. to clarify rights of individuals
known as:
Bill of Rights
"the people" through , the
Criminal Justice System give Law Enforcement 2 extraord. powers:
Power of arrest.
Power to use deadly force.
protections and freedoms of Constit. apply to:
...all individuals regardless of citizenship.
Today (2007) there are how many Constitutional Amendments?
First Amendment provides for what basic rights and freedoms?
Freedom of:
5)-right to petition govt. for redress of grievances
Fourth Amendment
Freedom from unreasonable searches and seizures
Fifth Amendment provides for:
- protection from self-incrimination
- protection against being tried twice for same crime (Double Jeopardy)

- Due process of law before one can be deprived of life, liberty, or property.
Sixth Amendment
1)-right to be told of charges when arrested
2)-speedy trial
3)-public trial by impartial jury
4)-confront witnesses
5)-right to counsel
Eighth Amendment
Freedom from:
-excessive bail
-cruel and unusual punishment
What are the elements of the
14th Amendment?
No state may:

1)Limit privileges or rights of citizens (basic rights of defend. in judicial proceeding.)

2)deny due process of the law to any person.

3)Deny any person equal protection of the laws.
Which Amendment affects an officer's ability to question a suspect and obtain admissible statements?
Sixth Amendment (Right to counsel)
Any violation of an individual's Sixth Amendment Criminal Procedure rights may result in what actions?
- exclusion of evidence
- dismissal of the case, and/or
- criminal liability to the officer or the officer's agency.