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Introjection, Retroflection & Confluence are from which Therapy?
Gestalt, disturbances in healthy growth
In terms of interpersonal relationships, a person with schizotypal personality disorder is most...
to express unhappiness about a lack of relationship but to act in ways that suggest a lack of interest in intimate contacts.
Statistical test used to determine if there is a significant difference between the ages of two groups
True or False In Oppositional Defiant Disorder, the rights of others and age-appropriate social rules are violated.
False-Conduct Disorder
The primary difference between PTSD & Adjustment Disorder is that in the former...
The symptoms are usually more severe
While assessing a 10 yr. old, you rule out an Oppositional Defiant Disorder diagnosis when you find out that he...
Stealing money out of classmates' bookbags (rights of others & social rules are violated)
A major purpose of program evaluation is...
to monitor and enhance accountability
Client has alternated with depressed & elated mood for 4 yrs. Her "ups" are never manic & she's never qualified for Major Depression. (What's her diagnois)
Cyclothymic Disorder
ABAB research design, casuality is suggested when...
target behavior reverts to original baseline level when treatment is withdrawn
Collecting qualitative & quantitative info about behavior with antecedents, mediators & consequences is...
Functional Analysis
Ego psychology is different than classical psychoanalysis in that the former...
focuses on the current problem
Accomodation is
modifying existing schemes to incorporate new knowledge
Anxiety is not the most likely factor in the etiology of male erectile disorder, instead you would suspect...
Psychological cause
For older woman, sexual activity depends on...
marital status
To reduce potential threats on a research design of internal validity the investigator will be concerned with...
maturation, history, and statistical regression
Out of BiPolar Disorder I (most recent episode manic) and BiPolar Disorder I (most recent episode depressed; which one requires both depressive & either manic or mixed episodes?
BiPolar Disorder I, most recent episode depressed
Out of BiPolar Disorder I (most recent episode manic) & BiPolar Disorder I (most recent episode depressed); which one requires more than one manic episode only is needed.
Bi Polar Disorder I, most recent episode manic
Behavioral therapist tells client with anxiety disorder to engage in anxiety-arousing behavior, what is the goal?
NEUTRALIZE anticipatory anxiety that is the real source of the client's problem
Ego psychologist consider functions such as memory, language, perception, etc. as..
ego autonomous
To best treat OCD with washing/cleaning rituals use...
exposure, response prevention, participant modeling
True or False It is recommended to use NOS for diagnosis if the available information is adequate only for a "working diagnosis"
An assumption of 'groupthink' is
pressures toward uniformity limit task effectiveness
members of out patient groups rank which of Yalom's therapeutic factors as most important?
Interpersonal input; catharsis; cohesiveness; self understanding
What is a likely characteristic of a pedophile?
Depressed Mood
Can symptoms of Tourettes Disorder be voluntarily suppressed?
Yes, sometimes
A stable pattern of responding is produced by what kind of reinforcement schedule?
Variable ratio & Variable interval
When treating a teenaged girl who has made some half-hearted suicide attempts you would...
Reinforce & discuss more appropriate ways she can get attention.
Which of the following mood disorders can involve symptoms of both mania and depression?BiPolar I Disorder, Cyclothymic Disorder, Dysthymic Disorder
Only BiPolar I Disorder
When using a multiple baseline design to evaluate the effectiveness of aversive counterconditioning for eliminating self-injurious behaviors...
Sequentially apply the treatment to a single subject in more than one setting.
Studies of abused children seem to indicate..
most abused children are under the age of six
A child's normal language development shows that most of the child's first words (around age 1) are of ...
objects that move or change
In contrast to brief psychotherapy, crisis intervention:
focuses on restoring client to previous functioning.
Chi-squares & t-tests share the assumption that...
the sample must be randomly selected from the population
Public law 94-142 was established to...
place handicapped children in the least restrictive educational environment.
A Dad puts his son in his room everytime he hits his sister. To increase the probability he will stop hitting his sister the Dad should...
Give him 25 cents each time he is nice to his sister
Paraphilia is characterized by
non-normative sexual arousal or activity
Rate Exhibitionism, Fetishism, Pedophilia, & Frotteurism in order of most common.
Pedophilia, Exhibitionism, Fetishism, Frotterism
Fetishism is characterized by
sexual urges involving non-living objects
Frotterism is characterized by
touching and rubbing against a non-consenting person
Program evaluation is used primarily for the purpose of...
assessing the effectiveness of an intervention
Peer review is used primarily for the purpose of ...
quality assurance
True or False Overlapping roles and functions are characteristics of a classical bureaucracy.
False Merit-based system of compensation; formalized channels of communication; power hierarchy
Continued use of substances despite persistent & recurrent problems caused by substance use would be...
Either Substance Abuse or Substance Dependence
Exposing a client to an anxiety-evoking stimulus in order to extinguish the anxiety response is:
Implosive therapy
There is a good prognosis for Schizophrenia if...
there is an acute onset of symptoms
To distinguish between delirium and dementia it is useful to determine if there is...
reduced consciousness
Psychoanalytic perspective, views mania as:
a defense against underlying feelings of depression
The least appropriate person to interpret with a social work interview would be..
A child of the client
Two concepts that addresss the culturally universal and culturally specific are...
etic & emic
Social work practice model with emphasis of ethnic, racial, and social groups
Anthropological perspective
"Model minority" notion with Asian-Americans is problematic because...
the stereotypes create jealousy among other minorities
To encourage reluctant client from 3rd world adopt western health option & reject unhelpful traditional practices, they should try to convince...
the oldest family member
How many Americans use traditional, natural, or alternative forms of health care?
1/3 or all Americans
Amok is a culture bound syndrome associated with...
SouthEast Asians
Amok shares features like brooding followed by explosive violent episode with what DSM-IV category of
Brief Psychotic Disorder
Breaking the cycle of oppression involves...
active reflection, confrontation, and transcendence
"Ataque" is culturally specific response is common with what population?
A therapist is very active in family sessions addressing symptoms and meeting with family & individual. What type of therapist am I?
Bowen model
Type of group where members provide support and gain from others coping w/same situation is...
Self-Help Group
Reflection is used to
build trust
True or False You can use a client's self-report to determine and appropriate diagnosis.
False. It can be used as an informal assessment, to evaluate general emotional status and to obtain sense of their self-concept
During the initial stage of crisis intervention you would...
identify the precipitating factor
A common medication for treatment of Bi-Polar Disorder is...
Concepts of preaffiliation, power & control, differentiation & separation are associated with...
Boston Model of Group Development
Social work is historically linked to
The Charity Organization Movement
If your primary therapeutic concern is the client's conscious moitivation you are probably a...
Behavioral Therapist
The poor remain poor due to inherent personal, behaviorial, or social characteristics or self-defeating patterns of adaptation is...
blaming the victim
A patient with Dyspareunia is likely to suffer from...
painful sexual relations
Diagnosis of primary insomnia cannot be used unless the symptoms...
include difficulty in initiating or maintaining sleep for at least one month
Most common age group for panic disorders is...
between late adolescence and mid 30's
Conduct disorders usually manifest themselves at what age?
Between 6 & 16
In defining & cataloging, DSM IV uses what kind of approach?
a descriptive approach
Idea that no one receiving benefits that exceed the wages of the lowest paid worker stems from...
The Elizabethan Poor Laws with the policy of "lesser eligibility"
The concept of "friendly visitors" is associated with..
Charity Organization Societies
What term is used to describe costs for administration, planning, program development, and misc.
The group of line items that are non-staff or indirect costs such as utilities, telephone, rent, public relations, etc.
Below-the-line costs
To establish a professional relationship, you must convey...
positive acceptance
True or False A committee of the legislature formed to review a specific issue & make recommendations in a specific time period is not a standing committee.
True; Special committee, Select committee, Legislative task-force
Examples of "in-kind assistance"
food stamps, Medicaid, Public Housing
Dysfunctional families that try to maintain the appearance of open, reciprocal relationship with each other are...
The Colonial Poor Laws establish the principle of...
Local public responsibility
If a group leader of a mental health agency encourages members to socialize outside of group, the group is probably
a supportive group
A chronic schizophrenic is stable & released from inpatient, what kind of group would be recommended?
A supportive group
Optimal size for a therapy group is ...
8 - 10
Most usual physical symptoms of major depressive episode is...
sleep problems, loss of appetite, decreased energy
To qualify for a major depressive episode, symptoms must last..
at least two weeks
Quasi-public organizations' main purpose is...
Main purpose: fulfill government goals w/ support of public agencies & are under control of government through board & executive staff appt.
They complain of sleeplessness, loss of appetite, feelings of hopelessness & apathy, what else would you most need to know?
How long the symptoms have persisted.
The primary role of group members in psychoanalytic group therapy is...
Serve as a microcosm of the family and society
Example of double-bind (lose/lose) communication
Tell teen son to go out more while giving so many chores he doesn't have time to do homework or go out
Example of paradoxical communication
Tell an overprotective mother to be more careful with her children
Cognitive theory focus is on
dysfunctional ways of viewing the world
Psychoanalytic help clients focus on
their underlying roots of their behavior
Gestalt therapy help clients focus on
their perceptions
Who sets the goal in strategic therapy?
the therapist
Is structural therapy long or short term?
long term
Is behavioral therapy long or short term?
short term
Can a psychiatrist do medical tests as well as psychological tests?
Would a Gestalt therapist analyze, ignore, discourage, or mimic a client's question?
When facilitating a client, group, or community's ability to make decisions and progress toward problem solving they are acting ...
in the role of enabler
System shows ______ when parents can't maintain emotional connection & peers are the powerful influences
When should a social worker's perception of a client's problem be well formed?
The first 2 or 3 contacts
Case managers enhance which of Freud's personality structures?
Psychosocial Moratorium by Erickson is...
experimentation with choice in values & lifestyle during adolescence in order to achieve a stable identity
Which is a priorty in evaluating a teen for suicide: recent family conflict; difficulties with peers/academic work; recent move
Recent family conflict
The study of relationships among diseases, behavior and populations is..
Live supervision DOES NOT allow supervisor to act as a co-therapist but it does allow
guidance to be provided during the clinical interview
Rothman's model of community organization views a group of tenants who decided to conduct a rent strikes as...
Social Action
When you help a client divide iterrelated problems into more manageable components & help client identify issues that need immediate attention ....
A behavior or symptom that is ego dystonic is..
uncomfortable and burdensome
When group is fragmented after a few month & is tense & argumentative they are likely in this developmental stage.
Power & control
As women age, the % with orgasmic disorders that prevent them from orgasm is...
likely to decrease
True or False. Emeshment between parents is NOT usually found in alcoholic families.
If I continually worry a tunnel over a river I drive over will collapse & I will trapped in the car, I am suffering from...
An obsession
What type of program evaluation will help convince funding agencies of a successful treatment approach?
Clinical interventions that help clients obtain & sustain insight are...
Interpretation, confrontation, affirmation, clarification
5 Goals of Bowen Extended Family Therapy
Reframe problem as mulit-generational/Lower anxiety & turmoil/Differentiate/Therapist is healthy triangle/open closed ties w/ cutoff family
Time frame for Adjustment Disorder & Bereavement.
Adjustment: onset 3-6 months
Normal bereavement- up to 2 months.
Both crisis intervention and brief therapy focus on a specific issue, which one also focuses on pathology?
Brief therapy
A needs assessment is a
AB design
Object permiance is from Piaget an example is
Mom will be there, I know what she looks like when she's not there
Object constancy is from Mahler and is
affective, feelings about Mom is still there when she isn't there
Medication used with sucess for OCD
3 measures for VALIDITY
Who used logotherapy to use confrontation to create meaning
Victor Frankl
4 Levels of Acculturation (Berry)
Integration (+,+)
Assimilation (+,-)
Seperation (-, +)
Marginalization (-,-)
4 Types of "circular" questioning from Milan Family Therapy
Perspective (who more upset A or B); Now/Then (when did it begin); Difference in Degree (rate anxiety 1-5); Hypothetical (what if they got divorced?)
What family therapy views family in 3 way mirror, one therapist meets family while other observes?
Milan Family Therapy
What is sustainment and what is the therapist's goals?
1st stage of crisis; supportive listening for catharsis, decrease anxiety & tension
Allopolastic Behavior is
changing the environment to adapt
True or False Collaborative Family Therapy uses a reflecting team.
Family therapy that uses lifestories and the therapist is a co-learner and the client is the expert/teacher.
Collaborative Family Therapy
Which family therapist uses: power hierarchies/joining/restructure, tracking, & Memesis
Minuchin's Structural Family Therapy
Who discussed parataxic distortions (inability to tell past from present & distort other's goals)
Ego Psychologist/Neo-Freudian
Part of depression, can't enjoy previously enjoyed activities
Part of dementia when you can't name common objects
What is equifinity?
(systems) meeting goal through different means
Does a task centered therapist use coaching & feedback?
Sanquine temperment is
optimistic, pleasant
Phlegmatic temperment is
slow, lazy, dull
Choleric temperment is
hot tempered
Melancholy temperment is
sad, depressed
Who developed temperment theory (behaviorist with in-born personality)
Existential throwness is
live authentically & be aware of your circumstances
Existential fallenness refers to
your social world
What someone living a Restricted Existence might say
"That's the way I am"; "I'm not going to change"
An inauthentic life
"choosing not to choose", not being responsible
Mass Neurotic Triad by Frankl
focus on others, less self reflection
Freuds 4 stages of therapy
opening, development, working through, resolving
Anorexia as asceticism is
renouncing interest in what others find pleasurable
Epigenetic Principle (Erikson)
predetermined unfolding of personality development (tasks & crisis)
Who discusses Mistaken Lifestyle; Healthy Lifestyle
Adler (strive for perfection/compensation/superiority)
Adler's 3 types of energy
Ruling Type
Leaning Type
Avoiding Type
(socially useful type is healthy)
Who discusses 5 orientations (personality types) Receptive;Exploitative; Hoarding; Marketing; Productive
Fromm (Freud -unconscious; Marx -society; Freedom & Transcendence
To learn new behavior Bandura says you must have...
Attention/Retention/Reproduction & Modeliing
Kadushin's 3 functions of supervision
administration, education, support
In strategical family therapy what is ordeal?
do something unpleasant after symptom
In strategical family therapy what is restraining?
encourage them not to change
In strategical family therapy what is positioning?
exaggerate symptoms
logo in Greek as used in Frankl's logotherapy refers to
"spirit/God or meaning"
When a family member who has problems is triangularized to stablize dyad it is called
Family Projection Process (Bowen)
In addition to focus on unconscious drives, ego analysis focuses on
the present along with reparenting & function
3 types of crisis
Situational, Motivational, Cultural
5 stages of crisis
Hazardous event, Vulnerable state, Precipitating Factor, Active Crisis, Re-integration
3 symptoms of PTSD
IAA Intrusion, Avoidance, Arousal
What are the symptoms of DTs
paranoid delusions, hallucinations, autonomic hyperactivity
What is Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome
alcohol induced persisting amnestic disorder with amnesia & confabulation
True or False The role of problem-solver is part of community development?
False, educator, enabler & planner
To reduce stress & conflict Minuchin believed these 3 things function to maintain homeostatis
triangulation (bring in a 3rd), coalitions (alliance between 2), detouring (parents focus on one of the kids)
6 basic step in planning a social program
1.Define target problem 2.formulate policies/goals
3.analyze resources 4. set objectives 5.designate how program will be carried out 6. evaluate
Most fatal alcohol-related disease
Wernicke- Karsokoff syndrome
Which type of adminstrator believes workers need ongoing supervision and detailed instructions? Theory X or Y
Theory X (similar to scientific management)
What are the time frames for early and sustained remission?
Early: more than a month but less than a year Sustained: more than a year
What is the difference between full and partial remission?
Full: doesn't meet criteria any more
Partial:one or more criteria is met but not all
Bowlby's 3 reactions of a child seperated from their primary caregivers.
Protest: child refuses/cries
Despair:gives up hope quiet, withdrawn, inactive Detachment: eventually accepts attention from others
Which of Freud's defense mechanism is considered the foundation for neurotic behavior?
American Indian families are considered more collateral. What does that mean?
Extended family and members of the tribe are considered immediate family
external validity
results can be generalized
internal validity
if design allows conclusion that Ind. variable are casually related to changes in dep. variable
Most psychodynamic theorists believe focus with a borderline PD would be on...
Resettlement model states that during the destabilization phase (6mo-3yrs) treatment issues center on...
hostility and resistance
Arrival stage in Resettlement (1 week- 6 mo) treatment issues center on...
sadness and guilt
Exploration & Stablization in Resettlement (3-5 yrs ) treatment issues center on...
isolation and fear
Return to Normal Life Stage in Resettlement (5-7 yrs) treatment issues center on...
delayed grief reaction and depression
In full remission from Major Depression would indicate how long without symptoms
at least 2 months
In partial remission for major depression would indicate what?
Not meeting full criteria or remission is less than 2 months
What is gesticulation?
act of making gestures (non-verbal communication)
True or false The PRIMARY focus of child protective services is to protect children from maltreatment.
False it is to rehabilitate abusive families
An example of the Premack Principle
eat your vegetables and then you can go out and play
What is the purpose of a Brief Symptom Inventory (BSI)
tells type and severity of symptoms and helps track progress through treatment
Which type of social power would try to show superior knowledge?
Expert power
Which type of social power would tell them they need to behave to stay part of the group?
Referent power
Which type of social power uses punishments for control?
Coersive power
Which type of social power emphasized his authority and/or duty to comply and says "I'm boss"
Legitimate power
Co-optation decreases opposition because...
it includes someone from the opposing group
Hypnosis would not be used for ...
Substance abuse (except nicotine); Paranoia; Psychosis; OCPD
Valildity is best described by
Some cultures avoid eye contact during speaking and listening and others do not, what is the norm for Asians, Native American, Caucasians, & African-Americans
Caucasians prefer eye contact; Native Americans & Asians do not prefer it when speaking or listening; African Americans prefer it when speaking but not listening
A therapist helps a client gradually get out of her house using exposure in small increments, what is the theoretical approach used?
Cognitive therapy
Kohlberg's "conventional morality" or good boy/bad boy stage is similar to...
social awareness
A humanistic approach would focus on ...
assisting the client to make a decision for herself
papaphrase is
selective reinstatement of what was said (not exact) highlighting feelings
includes something the client may not yet be aware of
accent responses are
repeating a word or phrase just used
Best way to increase power of a statistical test is
decrease error variance in dependent variable
complication of binge eating and purging with a pottassium deficency with risk of kidney failure is called...
Jellinek's model for viewing alcoholism is
disease model
Refusal to speak in specific situations for more than a month and not within the first month of school is referred to as:
selective mutism
Beck's cognitive approach would use this to induce desirable changes in a client...
socratic questioning
at start of therapy an African-American client with a Caucasian therapist is most likely to display...
Arithmetic and Digit Span of WAIS III is used to assess
attention span and concentration
Wechsler Adult Intelligence Test is divided into 2 parts, what are they?
verbal and performance
The goal of permanency planning is...
provide continuity in the care of dependent children
Describe group peer supervision.
social workers at an agency meet to review case and treatment approaches and there is no designated leader
Top five life stressors on Life Event Scale
death of spouse or child, divorce, marital seperation, imprisonment, death of close relative
What design should be used to study age on IQ
cross-sequential (takes less time than longitudinal and is more accurate)
Primary element in deciding vicarious liability is
disparity in training and experience
What branch of nervous system is triggered with asthma, when walls of the bronchi contract?
Thorazine (Chlorpromazine) most common side effect is ...
A case manager's overall focus is a client's
relationship with his environment
Most effective way to increase likelyhood of recovery after relapse is...
Shift attention from internal to external antecedents
What should you recommend if an 18 month old could not walk or talk yet?
Referral to a physician
What do most clinical supervisors emphasize during supervision?
clinical skills and how they use specific interventions
Existential psychotherapy is what kind of approach?
Characteristics of Arab clients are:
attribute illness to external forces, experience symptoms physcially rather than emotionally, may expect a quick cure with little self-disclosure, worry about shaming the family
The best way to implement a new policy in an agency is to
distribute written material about the new policy and discuss it at a staff meeting
When using DBT in individual counseling of someone with BPD your priority is
addressing suicidal behavior
In Hispanic clients describe "formalismo" and "personalismo"
formalismo (intial contact) formal interactions
persnonalismo(afterward) personal connection & warmth "small talk"
For a behaviorist, use of antabuse with an alcoholic is an example of
aversive counterconditioning
If a child has a learning disorder what else is likely to be present?
poor social skills and behavior problems
If data consists of the "number of subjects in categories" what kind of design can be used?
Client has severe manic symptoms and has had prominent delusions not present in the interview, what differential diagnosis might be made?
Schizoaffective Disorder
What is an appropriate type of assessment tool for people from different cultures?
informal assessment system
What is an example of qualitative research?
participant observation
Overgeneralized beliefs of what a male and female are actually like are...
gender-role stereotypes
A structural family therapist views a symptom as...
maladaptive reaction to change
What medicine, whose side effect can result in a serious blood disorder and requires a weekly blood test?
An alcoholic most frequently uses what defense mechanism?
This family therapist discourages blame and works for each family member to look at their role in the presenting problem.
When working with only one family member, Bowen would choose which family member?
The MOST differentiated, and likely to change. This is believed to reverberate through the family
Minuchin's Structural therapy would use these interventions:
Joining as a leader, evaluating family transactional patterns, power hierarchies, alignments & boundaries
Each year, an agency starts a budget off from scratch and has to justify each financial request. What kind of budget is this?
Zero-based budget
An agency must have explicit categories of spending with authorization for how much can be spent. What kind of budget is this?
Line-item budget
Why is 6-8 weeks the optimal time-frame for crisis intervention?
This is the usual life-span of a crisis
Someone with schizophrenia is taking Prolixen what is the most dangerous side effect?
Boy with IQ of 75 and some mild social skills deficits, the most likely diagnosis is
Borderline Intellectual functioning (V code on Axis II)
When billing private health insurance, what is most important to include...
DSM diagnosis & medical necessity
Research indicates that during the second or middle phrase of treatment what can be expected?
reduction of symptoms
If a boy is having difficulty making friends and needs help to effectively cope in interpersonal relationship, what would a behavorist focus on?
problem solving skills training
in a positively skewed distribution, ranked from highest to lowest value...
mean, median, mode
The least relavent factor in assessing ego functioning is...
A major assumptiom of crisis theory is...
one can learn to cope with stress
Symptoms of hyperthyroidism are:
excitability, increased appetite with weight loss, nervousness, confusion, fatigue, insomnia, increased heart rate, metabolism & body temp.
Symptoms of hypothyroidism are:
lethargy, slowed heart rate & metabolism, decreased libido & body temp., decrease appetite with weight gain, depression, impaired memory & concentration
A significant goal of a ego analyst is ...
greater awareness of conscious control of events underlying the problem
A significant goal of object relations theory is...
restoring the ability to relate to other people in a meaningful realistic ways
A significant goal of Adler Individual psychology is...
(healthy lifestyle) awareness of lifestyle patterns, strengthen social interests, & development of a more productive style of life.
How would a client-centered therapist view diagnosis?
as an unnecessary and possible harmful process
in an "informal organization" relationship between agency personnel are...
What is likely to happen if sustainment techniques are used in an initial assessment to reduce anxiety about a presenting problem?
It will reduce the client's motivation to change
What are sustainment interventions?
providing support & reassurance
When facilitating a client's acculturation, it is usually unimportant to focus on this domain as it usually develops without interference?
social network
Does ego psychology focus and emphasize unconscious forces?
No (although based on Freud,it is more the present)
Describe "cultural and functional paranoia".
Cultural is a healthy reaction to racism
Functional is unhealthy & pathological reaction
What is confluent paranoia?
High levels of cultural and functional paranoia & should be refered to the same cultured therapist
Out of Prozac, Haldol, Valium, & Clozaril, which is the most dangerous for overdose?
Valium (benzo are the most dangerous)
What symptoms are generally most common in children with Major depression?
somatic complaints, irritability, social withdrawl
What is the control in a single subject study?
A structural therapist would FIRST use what interventions?
Tracking (identify family values), Mimesis (adopting the family affect) These are from the Joining phase.
True or False Medication has not been found to be useful with AntiSocial Personality Disorder.
The primary purpose of a functional analysis is...
To determine the stimuli that typically precedes and follow the target behavior
Dr. recieves a fixed dollar amount over a set period of time to cover the medical needs of fixed # of clients. The fees are ....
When is a referral considered complete?
When you verify the client has followed through
What are ventilation procedures and what is their ultimate purpose?
Express pent up feelings for immediate relief. Purpose is obtain info on client's thoughts and feelings.
In crisis intervention would you be concerned about personality dynamics contributing to the crisis?
No, crisis intervention is not concerned with pathology.
4 Potential reflecting errors are :Timing, Depth, stereotyping & language, explain each.
Depth: reading more or less in statement Timing: waiting for long monologe to finish & trying to summarize Stereotyping: beginning response the same way each time Language: using slang, etc.
To enter info into notes about child abuse you should summarize the information and use subjective or objective impressions?
True or False A pattern of decit is NOT a characteristic of Oppositional Defiant Disorder.
True it's part of conduct and APD
Open systems over time become more or less differentiated over time?
More differentiated
The best intervention with a client who is alcohol dependent and has difficulty remaining abstinent is...
Gorski's relapse prevention approach
With DPT for BPD what is the purpose for teaching "distress tolerance skills"?
to help the client cope with crisis and feelings of misery by increasing acceptance
What test could be used to assess capacity to change and current level of functioning?
MSE Mental Status Exam
What type of therapy has a goal of "self-cohesion"?
Kohurt's self psychology (they need mirroring & twinship)
Problem-solving casework would be most concerned with...
client's motivation, capacity, and opportunity to solve her problems
A key component of empathy is
REFLECTING the client's feelings
Some techniques used by Beck's cognitive therapy are...
Label cognitive distortions, plan client's daily activities, question evidence underlying cognitive distortions
A external event
B belief you have about event C emotion or behavior from B
What kind of therapist would work to identify events that activate irrational beliefs?
RET (Rational Emotive Therapy) Ellis
Employees vulnerable to burn out tend to be...
insecure hard workers who are unfulfilled in their personal lives
If a client is reporting symptoms in an effort to get pain meds, you would suspect...
If a client is reporting symptoms in order to maintain the sick role, you might suspect...
ficticious disorder
In brief dynamic therapy how does change occur and how long does does therapy last?
Change occurs when specific symptoms have been removed
(1-20 sessions)
Study's dependent variable is measured on a nominal scale, at most what can researchers do with the data?
compare frequencies
A group of individuals with common purposes, functions, and professional interests are an example of ...
functional community
First choice of intervention for a boy with conduct disorder is...
Family therapy, Specifically social learning family interventions.
General systems theory believes when a family member deviates from family rules, another family member will...
use NEGATIVE feedback to restore homeostasis
For elderly people, sexual activity is MOST related to...
sexual activity earlier in life NOT attitudes towards sex
It is most appropriate to give a client clear, specific advice when..
the client is emotionally overwhelmed.
When using cognitive therapy with a client with Anorexia Nervosa the focus would be on...
client's unrealistic evalutation of her body and weight
Cycle of battering could be synonymous with...
What type of therapy discusses strokes & scripts, ego states, & uses empty chair to explore interactions with others
TA Transactional Analysis Berne
Following a session a client with BPD hugs the therapist, how should the therapist interpret this action?
The client is not respecting boundaries
After 6 months of steady progress with a client with BPD, they show anger and claims she is being judged unfairly. How do you interpret this change?
The client is making progress and is anxious
A recently adopted 3 yr. old rhythmically rocks back & forth often and wakes up crying at night. What should you recomend to the Mom?
Obtain foster mother's pre-placement report
What are the 4 different ways data can be measured?
Nominal, ordinal, interval, ratio
What is nominal measurement?
uses a labels or names for a category: can only find mode
married or not married/ yes or no
What is ordinal measurement?
bad/fair/good 1st/2nd/3rd rate pain; rank order; can find mode or median NOT mean
Medical condition is example
What is interval scale?
IQ is an example; temp. is an example with set intervals of difference
In advance, you specify the consequences of behavior and use tokens to reinforce postitive behavior & extinguish negative behavior you are using...
contingency contracts
a theory or hypothesis developed from data generated from interviews and observations of people in their own environment.
grounded theory
An ego analyst is MOST likely to describe maladaptive behavior as A. the ego's inability to resolve conflicts using rational means B. splitting of the ego into libidinal & antilibidinal components C.result of abnormalities in early object relations D. the ego's loss of autonomy from the id or reality
D. the ego's loss of autonomy from the id or reality.
A Gestalt therapist would MOST likely respond to a client's transference by ....
making sure the client understands that the therapist is not the object of her transference
A premise underlying Beck's CT is that:
each psychological disorder has it's own cognitive characteristics
Stress inoculation involves:
the acquition of coping skills
Paraphrasing is primarily used to:
demonstrate awareness of COGNITIVE aspects of what a client has said.
Ecological Concepts
Transactional view of person-environment/goodness of fit/stress/habitat/coping/niche/
Ecological Model underlie the ___________ approach to treatment.
Life Model Approach
2 primary concepts to Life Model (see Lewin's field theory) approach are:
Life space (life transitions, interpersonal processes, environment) & Problems with living
Of the following, which is NOT an element of task-centered treatment: A. modifying distorted perceptions B. emphasis on ego functions C. advice giving D. rehearsal
B. emphasis on ego functions
The psychosocial model can be characterized by...
scientific objectivity and client self-determination
Brief task-centered treatment emphasizes...
coaching, giving immediate feedback and setting clear and explicit therapeutic goals
When just beginning an interview with an abused child, it is most appropriate to focus on:
topics other than the abuse
Will clear punishment of an abuser, such as imprisonment, following discloser tend to reduce the negative short & long-term effects of incest upon a child victim?
Lenore Walker's cycle of violence in sequence are:
tension building/ acute battering incident/ loving contrition (honeymoon)
An employee is always extremely friendly to his boss whom he really despises. What kind of defense mechanism is he using?
reaction formation
The task-centered model suggests that problems:
arise from unfulfilled desires and are inevitable
The victims of physical abuse are of all ages, but _____ are subjected to the most severe acts of violence.
toddlers & adolescents
The primary goal of services provided by CPS units is best defined as:
protection of abused and neglected children
The underutilization of mental health services by African-Americans probably results from cultural values that inhibit self-referral &...
cultural values that encourage resolution of problems within the family.
You recieve a call from a woman who tells you she is receiving therapy from another social worker, but wants to see you too. You should...
make an appointment to discuss the situation further
A new client, a house painter, offers to paint your house in exchange for therapy. If you decide to accept this arrangement you will be acting...
ethically, if certain conditions are met & you can demonstrate the arrangement doesn't harm the client or the professional relationship.
When faced with approach-avoidance conflict the closer we get to the goal...
the stronger our desire to avoid it
Stranger anxiety, a sign of the mother-child attachment usually begins at what age?
8-10 months
in classical conditioning, extinction refers to...
presentation of the CS without the US
symptoms of shaken baby syndrome include:
lethargy, crying, vomiting, loss of appetite, seizures
According to Warren, a key function of communities is
social control
True or False Foster children are NOT guaranteed visitation with their biological parents
You are LEAST likely to treat a child with Conduct disorder with...
insight-oriented psychotherapy
Aversive conditioning for paraphilias is best when...
used alone
True or False Disorganized thinking is associated with Alcohol Withdrawal Delirium (DTs) but not Alcohol Withdrawl w/o DT.
To reduce risk of relapse for a Schizophrenic the best treatment is...
a neuroleptic (anti-psychotic) plus family intervention
What is the minimum duration of symptoms for a diagnosis of Seperation Anxiety Disorder.
4 weeks/one month
Tardive dyskinesia is most associated with ...
phenothiazine (anti-psychotics)
As part of a clinical team assessing a client, a social worker's PRIMARY role is to...
compile a social history
Examples of Vegetative symptoms include...
sleep disturbances, changes in appetite or weight, loss of energy or frequent fatigue & changes in sexual function. (sex, sleep, food, energy)
Which is NOT an example of an ego function: self-regulation; realtity testing capacity; social-role functioning; thought processes?
social role functioning
With the exception of bipolar I disorder single manic episode, the bipolar mood disorders involve...
recurrent mood episodes
What are the 4 factors of the PIE systems?
1. problems in social role functioning 2. problems in environment 3. mental health problems 4. physical health problems
Which program evaluation evaluates expected results, and may include client's perception of a program?
outcome model
Which program evaluation monitors whether or how well administrators and staff adhere to relevant standards when implementing a program?
quality assurance model
Which program evaluation studies the impact of an organizations & environment on a program & investigates variables that may be related to program changes?
systems analysis model
What is the difference between reframing and relabeling with a family?
Both help to perceive or understand a problem in a new light but reframing usually works to change understanding a behavior or symptom from an indivdual to family problem.
During the first few sessions(remoralization stage) feelings of _______ & ________ decline.
hoplessness, desperation
During the middle phase of treatment(remediation), the client experiences...
reduction of symptoms
In the final phases of treatment (rehabilitation), the client...
unlearns troublesome, maladaptive, habitual behaviors and learns new ways of dealing with various aspects of life.