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Quid est tuum praenomen?
What is your first name?
Me praenomen est _______.
My first name is _______.
Salvete, amici Latinae.
Greetings, friends of Latin.
Salve, magister/magistra.
Greetings (hello), teacher.
Salvete, discipuli.
Hello, students.
Salvete, discipule.
Hello, student. (male)
Salvete, discipula.
Hello, student. (female)
Surge, surgite.
Stand up. (sg/pl)
Sede, sedete.
Sit down. (sg/pl)
Let us pray.
Quid agis?
Quid agitis?
How are you? (sg,pl)
Satis bene.
Fairly well.
Gratias tibi ago.
Gratias tibi agimus.
Gratias vobis ago.
Gratias vobis agimus.
(I) thank you (sg).
(We) thank you (sg).
(I) thank ya'll (pl).
(We) thank ya'll (pl).
Vale, valete.
Good bye. (sg/pl)
Repete, repetite
Repeat. (sg/pl)
Very bad!
I (Ite, pl.) ad januam.
Go to the door. (sg/pl)
I (Ite, pl.) ad fenestram.
Go to the window. (sg/pl)
I (Ite, pl.) ad tabulam nigram.
Go to the blackboard. (sg/pl)
Aperi januam.
Aperi fenestram.
Open the door. (sg)
Open the window. (sg)
Claude januam.
Claude fenestram.
Claude librum.
Close the door. (sg)
Close the window. (sg)
Close the book. (sg)
Aperi librum.
Aperite libros.
Open (your) book. (sg)
Open (all your) books. (pl)
Me paenitit.
I'm sorry.
All right (let it be done)
De hoc satis
Enough of this!
Collige folia
Collect the papers
Ego amo te
I love you
Quid dixit
What did he/she say?