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Ba Jin wrote...
Nanny Yang
Mao Dun wrote...
Spring Silkworms
Wu Zuxiang wrote...
Let There Be Peace
Lao She wrote...
Old Tragedy in A New Age
Ding Ling wrote...
In the Hospital, When I Was in Hsia Village
Mao Zedong wrote...
The speech on literature
Zhao Shuli wrote...
Eileen Chang wrote...
Zhang Leping wrote...
Adventures of the Three Hairs
Which writer is from northern China?
Lao She
What was Mao's literary theory presented in his Yan'an talk? What influence did it have on the writers in the communist base?
Mao said that writers should write for the people. As a result of this, all the writers changed their topics to serve the people.
Who are considered the communist writers?
Mao Dun, Ding Ling, Zhao Shuli
Whose work is focused on the delineation of city life and romances?
Eileen Chang
What are the two collections of short stories by Eileen Chang?
Gossip, Romances
Who was concerned with the woman's fate in the Communist area?
Ding Ling
Why was Ding Ling's In The Hospital and When I Was in Hsia Village severely criticized by the Communist authorities?
They exposed the poor conditions in hospitals, and glorified the prostitute girl in Hsia.
Why was Lucky an example to explain why Zhao Shuli was elevated to be the New People's Artist in the 1940s.
The Communists made everything better for Lucky when his life sucked at first; revolution made him reborn.
What happened 1839-1842?
The Opium War
What happened in 1900?
The Boxer Rebellion, invasion of the 8 foreign armies
What happened in 1919?
May 4th movement
What happened in 1945?
End of the Japanese war, beginning of the Chinese civil war
What happened in 1966?
Cultural Revolution
What happened 1856-1860?
2nd opium war
What happened in 1911?
Fall of Imperial (Qing) Dynasty
What happened in 1937?
The Japanese invasion
What happened in 1949?
The people's republic of China was established
What happened in 1976?
Mao died, end of Cultural Revolution
What are the 3 major religions or thoughts in China?
Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism
Who established the Qing dynasty?
What was the Qing court's policy on foreign trade before the opium war?
Closed off, isolated
What were two major products in trade between British and Chinese in 18th and early 19th century?
Tea and opium
Who was the commisioner sent to cut off the opium trade in Canton in 1838?
Lin Zexu
What three things did Lin Zexu do when he was sent to cut off the opium trade in 1838?
1) Forced addicts to quit 2) Forced British to say they would stop selling opium, confiscated everything 3) Put Chinese salesmen into prison
What was the content of the Nanjing treaty?
1st unequal treaty signed between China and foreign country. Forced trade open, forced a Shanghai port. Hong Kong was ceded to the British. Qing dynasty owes money to the British. British citizens will not be tried for any crimes committed in China.
Who was China's last emperor?
Pu Yi
Who was the most powerful woman in the late 19th century China?
Empress Dowager Ci Xi
The ideological foundation of the Taiping Rebellion was...
Why did the Qing government decline so rapidly w/in 2-3 generations?
Foreign influences. Domestic rebellion. Corrupt leadership. Empress Dowager.
Which rebellion raised the slogan of "support the Qing government, exterminate foreigners"?
Boxer rebellion. Practice martial arts, believed they were possessed by special spirits and immune to bullets.
Who was the national leader of the anti-Manchu movement and was called "Father of his state"?
Sun Yat Sen
What are the Three People's Principles?
1) Nationalism 2) Populism 3) Socialism
What was the leading magazine during the New Culture movement?
New Youth
What is the main idea of Hu Shi's poem My Son?
He didn't want a son, and his son didn't ask to be born. He didn't grant his son any favors.
What is Hu Shi's most important contribution to the New Culture movement?
vernacular language
The returned students from _____ were more liberal and supported a humane literature, while the students from ______ were more radical and supported patriotism and didacticism in their writing.
USA, Japan
What are Lu Xun's two short story collections?
Call to Arms, Hesitation
Name 3 of Lu Xun's short stories
Soap, Benediction, Ah Q
What is the main topic of Lu Xun's short stories?
Small villages, transition period between traditional and modern
How did the illness of Lu Xun's father influence him?
He studied western medicine in Japan, because he saw how traditional Chinese medicine failed his father