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WHere cells undergo mitosis and push up dead cells to top; cuboidal cells and keratinocytes; also contains melanocytes and tactile cells
Stratum basale (epidermis)
Mad of several layers of keratinocytes; thickest layer in most skin; deepest cells of layer undergo mitosis but if too far up they stop and produce more and more keratin filaments, causing cells to flatten
Stratum spinosum (epidermis
3-5 layers of flat keratinocytes; more in thick skin than thin; contains dark staining keratohyalin granules
Stratum granulosum (epidermis)
Seen only in thick sckin, keratinocytes densely packed with eleidin; no nuclei or organelles
Stratum lucidum (epidermis)
Up to 30 layers of dead, scaly, keratinized cells to form durable surface layer; resistant to abrasion, penetration, and water loss
Stratum corneum (epidermis)
Connective tissue layer; hair follicles and nail roots embedded here
Thin zone of areolar tissue in and near dermal papillae; allows for movement of leukocytes and other defenses against things that break through epidermis
Papillary layer (dermis)
Dense irreular connective tissue; collagen forms thicker bundles with less room for ground substance (can cause stretch marks if stretched)
Reticular layer (dermis)
Has more areolar and adipose tissue; bidns skin to underlying tissues and pads body; has subcutaneous fat
Hypodermis composed mostly of adipose tissue
Subcutaneous fat