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Who is Alfred Wegener and what is he best known for?
Alfred Wegener created his theory of continental drift. He believed a supercontinent named "Pangea" existed where all the continents were connected.
Name the three main layers that make up the Earth's interior.
The crust, mantle and core
What is the lithosphere?
The lithosphere is the uppermost part of the mantle and crust together. (where we live)
What are the three types of heat transfer?
The three types of heat transfer are
1. radiation
2. conduction
3. convection
Describe the different types of heat transfer

and give examples
radiation- is the transfer of energy through an empty space. example would be sunlight, a camp fire.

conduction-transfer of energy by direct contact. (ice cube in hand, spoon in hot pan)

convection-transfer of energy by the movement of heated fluid. (pot on stove heats the water inside it)
What is density?
Density if the measure of how much mass there is in a volumn of a substance. ie: why does oil float to the top of water---because it is less dense than water. heated air is less dense and rises
What is a convection current?
A convection current is the flow that transfers heat within fluid. Heating and cooling, change in density and force of gravity set convection currents in motion. ie: boiling water moves in a circular pattern so that all the water is heated