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laxatives definition
this herbs stimulate secretion of intestinal glands and excite a moderate peristalsis and mild evacuation of stools while softening them
Laxative herbs are
Senna pods
Cascara bark
Licorice root
Carob beans
Dandelion root
American Senna leaves
Blue Gentian
Golden Seal

1/2 oz American Senna leaves
1/2 oz cascara bark
1/2 oz dandelion root
1/2 oz Anise root
1/2 oz Slippery Elm bark
1/2 oz Iceland moss
Cathartics (clensing) Purgatives cholagogues (influence excretory functions of the liver and gall cysts)
agents that secure elimination of offending matter from the liver, gall ducts and the alimentary tract.
remedies which specially influence the liver causing the secretion of bile
what is necessary for normal evacuation
-secretion of healthy bile in normal quantity
-excretion of bile into duodenum
-proper mucous secretions into alvine canal
-healty conditions of the muscles of the bowels
-peristaltic action
-uninterapted nerve impulse
Linum Catharticum properties
Flax or Linseed is laxative, cathartic, demulcent, tonic
what herbal agents specially influence the lower bowel?
Cascara Sagrada and Butternut bark
difference between the alcoholic and aqueous extract of Butternut bark
alcoholic extract may be used in diarrhea and dysentery
aqueous extract is free from astrigency and it is valuable in chronic constipation
How would you prepare a syrup of Juglans?
1/2 oz fluid extract Juglans bark
4 oz Loaf sugar
10 oz boiling water
mix and bottle
Apocynum androsaemifolium
Leptandra virginica
podophyllum peltatum
Cassia angustifolia
eunymus atropurpureus
Berberis vulgaris
Juglans cinerea
Bitter Root
Black Root
Butternut, white walnut
turkey rhubarb is it safe article to give an infant
it is one of our mildest and safest remedies
Uses of Wahoo bark
hepatic tonic- it will induce a mild but peristent flow of bile
used in biliousness, jaundice, chronic constipation and skin troubles
name a relaxant hepatic cathartic
Black root is a mild persistant reliable relaxant to the live
cathartic action is sloe
would a strong dose of aloes be advisable in the pregnant state
due to abortifacient action should NOT be used during pregnancy