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What is the laxative effect?
Production of a soft, formed stool over a longer period
What is the catharsis effect?
Prompt, fluid evacuation of the bowel
What are the categories of laxatives?
Bulk-forming laxatives
Surfactant laxatives
Stimulant laxatives
Osmotic laxatives
What are the Bulk-forming laxatives?
Bulk forming laxatives are similar to what?
dietary fiber
What are the adverse effects of Bulk-forming laxatives?
Esophageal obstruction
Intestinal Obstruction or impaction
What is the action of surfactant laxatives?
Facilitates water penetration into feces
How long until results with surfactant laxatives?
Several Days
What are the Surfactant laxatives?
Docusate Sodium
Docusate Calcium
What are the action of the stimulant laxatives?
Increase intestine mobility
Increase the amount of water in the stool
What are the stimulant laxatives?
Castor Oil
What are the osmotic laxatives?
Magnesium salts
Sodium phosphate
What are the actions of osmotic laxatives?
Poorly absorbed salts that draw water into intestine
What are the adverse effects of osmotic salts?
Loss of water
Renal Dysfunction (Magnesium)
Fluid retention (Sodium Salts)
Magnesium salts are contraindicated for _____ patients while Sodium salts are contraindicated for _____ patients.
Renal Disease
Heart Failure, Hypertension, and edema