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3 forms of statutory publications
slip laws
session laws
what are slip laws
pamphlets identified by public law (PL) number:
what are session laws
chronological complilation of laws passed during one session of congress
how do you cite slip laws
PL (session) (number)
how do you cite session laws
published in Statutes at large:
(volume) Stat. (page)
how is code organized
topical reorganization of session laws
how do you cite code
(title #) U.S.C. (section #)
what is the official source
United states code
what are the unofficial sources
lexis and westlaw
they are both annotated
what do both Lexis and Westlaw have that makes finding laws easy
popular name table, topical index, secondary sources
New York has ...
no official code publications
two unofficial code publcations
what are NY's two unofficial publications
McKinney's (West)
C.L.S. (Lexis)
how do you find statutes?
Popular name
secondary source
district courts?
Federal trial level courts
at least one per state
circuit courts
Federal apellate courts
how many circuit courts are there
eleven numbered courts
DC circuit
Federal circuit
4 sources of primary authority
(administrative regulations)
Trial courts try . . .
issues of fact
Appellate courts try . . .
issues of law
American jurisprudence (AmJur)
legal encyclopedia that cites to "the most important cases"
Legal encyclopedias
American jurisprudence (AmJur)
Corporate Juris Secundum (CJS)
Corporate Juris Secundum (CJS)
Legal encyclopedia that cites to "all the cases"
Encyclopedia just for NY
NY Jur.2d
American Law Reports (ALR)
annotated(describes case that it cites)
Organized chronologically (but updated with pocket parts)
extremely specific (not like other encyclopedias)
Law that is extracted from rulings rather than statutes
Very specific how-to books (how to draft a pleading, etc.)
Uniform laws and model codes
ex: The UCC (uniform contract code) is the most famous model code
The writers (private people or organizations) lobby state legislators to get them to enact the code