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theory that biological principles will explain social behavior relationship between biology and social behavior. understand humans scientifically, not just theoretically. attempts to predict behavior arise.
looking at facial structures to determine behavior. lombrozo.
study of cranium in relation to behavior. used as basis for discrimination and racial hierarchy.
lombrozo's brainchild. crime is a problem of biology. criminals are born criminal.
basically creating a superior race through breeding and forceable sterilization
Buck v. Bell
mentally retarded woman, raped by uncle and impregnated. state wants to abort child and sterilize woman. SC decides it is constitutional, resulting in 60,000 people's sterilization. 1972, Eugenics outlawed.
controlling another's economic goods from home country.
practice in India when a husband dies and is cremated, wife is supposed to commit suicide with her husbands funeral pyre because women have no legal standing without men in india. used as justification for takeover.
colonial scholars and race scientists look at culture as something unchanging and existing outside history. also existing independentally of everything. now must study on its own terms.
cultural relativism
trying to understand cultures in their own terms
cultural pluralism
idea that cultures should be able to have a safe spot in US. difference between cultures are what make us great.
cultural defense
if someone is charged with a crime in US, and it is not a crime in thier country, this should be considered. allows for mitigating factors.
beliefs and traditions, language, etc.
primary method for cultural anthropological research. participate, but also observe.
christian baseline that determines both sides of the debate
native americans ate in order to hallucinate. settlers saw that as uncivilized. used it for medicine, deified, wore as protection in battle.
terrence mackenna
psychotropic drugs are responsible for evolution of human consciousness
employment div. v. Smith
2 navajo peyotists fired from work as drug counselors for doing peyote during a ritualized ceremony. denied unemployment rights because fired for misconduct. SC says they will not make exception because it is a general drug law.
facially neutral/disparate impact
law looks neutral but has a negative impact on a certain group of people. either way supreme court is deciding what is a religion and what is not.
Religious Freedom Restoratoin Act 1993
peyote use in native american's religious use is legal, specifically overturning SC's previous ruling. later declared only valid on federal bans on drugs.
Gonzalez v UDV
150 member church using ayahuasca. 8-0 approve use for religion.
the way you do things, beliefs and traditions of a group religion, practices, customs, habits and values.
Federal Intercourse Act
to seperate natives from settlers. draw line, no one can cross. whites cannot buy land form indians. line keeps getting redrawn, separation is no longer feasable. A. Jackson wants to settle indian land. gold found in Georgia leads to Indian Removal Act
Indian Removal Act
indians removed from land, moved west of mississippi. challenge in SC in Cherokee Nation v. Georgia
Cherokee Nation v. Georgia
chief justice marshall is sympathetic to words of indians, but supreme court can only hear arguments between nations and states
domestic dependent nation
indians are and exist in same relation as child to parent. gives power to government to do whatever it wants regarding indians
Dawes Act
desire to assimilate indians arises. takes tribal land from tribles and puts into a trust. idea being to make them into farmers, doesn't work.
Indian ReOrganizating Act
abolishes allotment, encourages economic aid and gives power to tribes, increases size of reservations. not perfect, but an improvement.
American Indian Movement
1960s. pan-indian movement to fight injustices. intent- prevent police brutality. use CB radios and scanners to prevent. civil disobedience. occupy land. took over BIA building for a while.
the market will determine appropriate values and economy will be guided by adam smith's invisible hand theory.
Amartya Sen
one of most influential economists in world now. pre-eminent development individual today. critiques utilitarianism. fan of laissez faire economics.
belief that disputes can be settled peacefully. often break laws to go against unjust laws.
credited for liberation of India by many via non-violent protests. led Salt March, theory of Satyagraha.
'truth' + 'grasp'. have a non-violent army of truth soldiers. predicated on a notion of connectedness. 'no one is free when others are oppressed'
Salt March
1930. 25 day march of thousands of people who make their own salt via the indian ocean to protest the raised tax by the british government.
conscientious objector
objects to fith based on religious beliefs. Cassius Clay famous for it.
Clay v. US
sent Ali to jail because he refused to join and fight in army becaues of religious training. Supreme Court 9-0 in favor of Ali. 'no vietcong ever called me a nigger'
incredibly influenced by Gandhi and Sermon on Mount. 'blessed are the peacemakers'. formulated montogomery bus boycott with Rosa Parks and other minority leaders. becomes much more radical in his later yars (anti war, rights for all world)
Montgomery Bus Boycott
catapults MLK to fame. Rosa Parks incident was intentional.
Malcolm X
not privelidged like MLK. becomes criminal where in jail he joins nation of islam. criticizes early MLK 'non violence is not the way'. after prison never ends up in jail again and begins working towards MLKs work.
economic globalization
predicated on a notion of economic liberalization. create a world economy where goods and services move freely internationally increasing trade and reducing tariffs.
World Trade Organization
resolve and define rules of trade. those critical of WTO because they control entire world economy. protested in Seattle. Chomsky very critical of.
World Bank
part of UN, fight poverty in developing nations. in reality it is a bank set up to make money. US has largest vote and veto power. IMF sets limits and regulation
UN security Council
maintains peace between nations. 15 member nations. 10 are elected every two years. 5 nuclear nations are permanent
cultural globalization
notion of global culture that ties world together (mcdonalds). spread of multicultural society. promoted throught tourism. friedman a proponent of.
golden arches theory on conflict prevention
no two countries with McDonalds have ever gone to war with each other and never will. economics will suffer if two countries do go to war.
free trade/fair trade
free trade is just a moniker used to exploit underdeveloped countries. new way of taking over countries is by setting up a multinational corporatoin in other country through new institutions. this is a form of colonialism (neocolonialism)
group of 8. informal organization of 8 most powerful countries. meet to raise awareness of African countries.
G8 countires decide fate of poor black states
social choice theory
development and economic choice theory. choices are made regarding much more than economics. opposed to economic utilitarianism. life expectancy knowledge and decent standard of living.
statist economic model
state controls, economic planning commission
homo economics
man is an economic animal. survival of the fittest in terms of economy. any means to get paid.
greatest good for greatest # of people. economic conception of utilitarianism understood through GDP. equates higher GDP with greater happiness.
value of all goods and services in a year.
substantive freedoms
looks at abilities of people to be happy through social choice theory
developmental dictatorship
decision making quicker in dictatorship + economic development best through dictatorship
Lee Thesis
PM of singapore. asians rather have economic growth than civil freedom/political freedom. india true democracy but more poor people
developmental democracy
Sen favors as best for development. no democracy has ever experienced a famine.
Human Development Index
developed by UN, looks at what countries developed and which have best quality of life. measures life expectancy, education based on literacy and school enrollment, per capita GDP.