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Fair Credit Reporting Act
Must provide consumers with access to their credit reports
What's my credit score anyways?
Freedom of Information Act
Federal government agencies' records are subject to public disclosure.
Can big brother really keep secrets?
Privacy Act
For a record to be shared, consent must be given by whomever the record pertains to.
No, don't share my SSN!!
Right to Financial Privacy Act
Consumer bank accounts are granted privacy from government searches.
Yes I did buy a pipe-bomb, but how did you know?
Electronic Communications Privacy Act
This law put the same restrictions on electronic data as phone tapping.
Shh... they might hear what we're typing!!
Computer Fraud and Abuse Act
Restricts hackers and crackers from accessing unauthorized computers.
No I'm sorry, but we really can't let you snoop through the DOD database.
The Bork Bill
Prevents wrongful disclosure of video tape rental or sale records
You watch porn? NO YOU CANNOT BE A JUSTICE!!
Computer Matching & Privacy Protection Act
Amended the privacy act to protect subjects in computer matching programs.
We found a match on the face from the security camera. Turns out Sponge Bob really his yellow. His belly is anyway.
National Information Infrastructure Protection
Illegal to hack any interstate commerce computer
States aren't really national, but thats what highways are for.
Established national standards for electronic health care transactions
Health care is HIP! AA
No Electronic Theft
Criminal prosecution for copyright infringement
I downloaded a song... is jail really necessary?
Child Online Protection
put a “brown bag” on offensive content
Daddy, my teacher showed me today. I think I want to be the president.
Digital Millennium Copyright Act
Steepened penalties for Internet infringement
Homeland Security Act
Gives federal law enforcement agencies broad powers to monitor citizens
Big Bro... is that you snooping through my stuff?
Prevents corporate scandals by requiring tighter record keeping
Thanks to ENRON IT is booming!!
Federal Information Security Management Act
Mandates yearly audits of information security within government agencies and affiliated parties
CGI, Accenture, Protivi... they all share the same government audit experience
Fair & Accurate Credit Transaction Act
Consumers get a free credit report every twelve months from each of the three national credit agencies
Put rules on sending bulk email
You mean I can't really enlarge my manhood in one easy dose?