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Civil Rights Act of 1866
Prohibits discrimination based on race
Davis-Bacon Act
1931 - requires paying prevailing wage rates
Wagner Act
1935 - Legitimized unions
Fair Labor Standards Act
1938 - Requires premium pay for overtime work
Taft-Hartly Act
1947 - balanced union powers
Landrum-Griffin Act
1959 - requires financial disclosure for unions
Equal Pay Act
1963 - requires equal pay for equal jobs
Civil Rights Act of 1964
Prohibits discrimination in hiring and compensation etc.
Title VII
Age Discrimination in Employment Act
1967 - Adds age to protected group status
Occupational Saftey and Health Act (OSHA)
1970 - Protects workers from workplace hazards.
Privacy Act
1974 - Permits employees to review their own work file
Employment Retirement Income and Security Act
1974 - Protects employees retirement funds.
Health Maintenance Organization Act
1976 - Requires alternative health insurance coverage
Mandatory Retirement Act
1978 Raises mandatory rretirement age from 65 to 70; uncapped in 1986
Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act
1986 provides for benefit continuation when laid off
Employment Polygraph Protection Act
1988 - prohibits the use of polygraphs in most HRM practices
Plant Closing Bill
1989 - requires employers to give advance notice to affected employees
Americans with Disability Act (ADA)
1990 - Prohibits discrimination against those with disabilities
Civil Rights Act of 1991
Overturns many supreme court cases about discrimination.
Family and Medical Leave Act
1993 - permits employees to take unpaid leave for family matters
Sarbanes-Oxley Act
2002 - Establishes requirements for proper financial recordkeeping for public companies aas well as penalties for noncompliance
Griggs v. Duke Power (1971)
Tests mnust fairly measure the knowledge or skills required for a job; also validity of test
Albemarle Paper Comapny v. Moody (1975)
Clarified requirement for using and validating test in selection
Washington v. David (1976)
Job-related tests are permissible for screening applications
Connecticut v. Teal (1984)
Requires all steps in a selection process to meet the 4/5ths rule