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Criminal Court: What happens after the preliminary hearing?
Released or jailed
If jailed what are the three possibilities
Bail: property or money given as surety that a person released from custody will return at an appointed time. Bond: A document that serves as evidence of a debt. Reconisance:
What is after bail, bond or recognicance (?)?
Arraignment (formally charged) Plead guilty of not guilty. (plea bargain goes on). Recognizance:recognizor acknowledges that he will do a specific act required by law.
What comes after
Trial and then Verdict
What happens if you are guilty?
Jail, probation, suspension, appeal
What happens if you are not guilty?
What is default judgment?
No answer
Who is in a civil court?
What happens at the pretrial
Discovery: pre-trial investigation of a case. and deposition:A pre-trial interrogation in which a witness in a case answers questions under oath.
What happens after?
Trial and verdict.
What is the verdict?
Money if defendant is found guilty. Both can appeal.
What is the difference between arraignment and indictment?
Arraignment if formally charged and when you please guilty or non guilty nad also plea bargain. Indictment is by the Grand Jury.
If convicted, they could...?
Parole: apply to board of odd number of people. (for the last years until endo f sentence) Pardoning: Relieved, like a presidential pardon. Probation:from start. If sentence is 3 years. Two years could be probation and one in jail.