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A decision that the defendant is not
guilty of the charges against him or her beyond a reasonable doubt.
The decision made by appeals court to
let stand the conviction or sentence from a trial court.
State at which the defendant is brought before a trial court, hears the charges read and is asked to enter a plea to each charge.
Being taken into custody prior to being
formally charged with a crime.
A person guilty of attempt to commit a certain crime (1) specifically intends to do
something that is a crime, and (2) at the time the person has that intent, he or she performs a
substantial overt act calculated and designed to bring about the crime, and (3) the act comes so close to bringing the crime about that in the
ordinary course of things the person would have completed the crime had he or she not been stopped or thwarted.
To procure release of a person from legal custody by undertaking that he shall appear at the time and place designated and submit to the jurisdiction of the court.
Bench trial
Legal proceeding in which a
decision is made regarding the defendant’s guilt or innocence, made by the court alone. The
decision is expressed in a judgment.
Career criminals
Recidivists, professional
criminals and other offenders who choose to lead lives of crime and who are successful at avoiding punishment.
Challenge for cause
The attempt by the prosecutor or defense counsel to remove a prospective juror during voir dire on the grounds that the juror is unfit to serve or would not be impartial.
Change of venue
Holding a trial other than where
a crime was committed in order to ensure a fair trial for the defendant.