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business ethics
ethical principles used in making business decisions
civil disobediance
open, peaceful violation of a law to protest its alleged injustice
civil rights
personal, human rights recognized and gauranteed by the U.S. consititution
consequence based reasoning
form of ethical reasoning that evaluated the results of an action
deciding what is right or wrong action in a reasoned, impartial manner
fidelity bond
insurance policy that pays the employees money in the case of employees' theft
fundamental ethical rules
form of ethical reasoning that evaluates the act but not its consequences
idea that the same thical standards apply to everyone
doing what is right even under pressure to act otherwise
majority rule
elected representatives vote for laws acceptable to the majority of people they represent
moral rights
legitimate claims on other people which flow from each persons statutes as a human being
person who does not respect the law
the good
standard for judging right and wrong
mental test to identity illogical actions