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In his Farewell Address, Washington urged Americans to...
Remain neutral and not get involved in foreign affairs
Who decided the outcome of the Election of 1800?
How did Washington set a precedent?
He chose well-known leaders to serve in his Cabinet
Americans sided with the French during the French Revolution (if false explain)
false, they remained neutral
How did the Sedition Act silence the Republicans?
it jailed or fined citizens if they criticized the government or its officals
Why was the Alien Act in the Federalist party's favor?
Because it stated that immigrants had to wait 14 years to become a citizen. Most immigrants sided with Republican's views.
What was the outcome of the Whiskey Rebellion?
It proved to Americans that their new government would act firmly in times of crisis
Why did Americans form political parties
people wanted a way to support political views
Why did the French Revolution lose support of the U.S.?
It became too violent
What was the result between the war disagreement?
it split political parties
What was Washington's belief about foreign policy?
he thought they should remain neutral
How was the United State's neutrality challenged?
The U.S. wanted to trade with Britain and France, but they were attacking U.S. ships
Who felt that we should trade with Britain?
Alexander Hamilton
What was the crisis with France?
The XYZ Affair
What did Adams do in response to the French destruction of U.S. ships?
He built frigates
How did Hamilton plan to reduce the national debt?
they bought old bonds and issued new ones
the 2 policital parties
Federalists & Republicans
Who was the king of France during the French Revolution?
King Louis XVI (16th)
1793 statement by President Washington that the U.S. would not support or aid either France or Britain in their European conflict
Neutrality Proclamation