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Felix Culpa
happy sin
Ad hominem
arguement against the man
Ad majorem Dei gloriam
to the greater glory of God
Conditio sine qua non
a condition without which not, an indispensable condition
Damnant quod non intellegunt
They condemn (or damn) what they don’t understand
Dominus Illuminatio Mea
The Lord is My Light (Illumination), motto of Oxford University in England
Ex nihilo nihil fit
Nothing comes from nothing. It means that you need to work for something.
Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus
Outside of the church, (there is) no salvation. Christian salvation belongs only to those who are members of the church, the universal body of Christ.
Fidei Defensor
Defender of the Faith, a title given by Pope Leo X to King Henry VIII before Henry became head of the Church of England. British monarchs still use this title.
Infinitus est numerus stultorum
Infinite is the number of fools. Taken from the Vulgate Bible, Ecclesiastes 1:15.
Non sequitur
it does not follow, a logical fallacy in which the conclusion does not logically follow from the premises, e.g. George will make a good mayor (the conclusion) because he has blue eyes (the premise)
Pulvis et ombra sumus
We are dust and shadow, a saying from Horace.
ad infinitum
to infinity
aqua vitae
water of life
bona fide
good faith
Christus Rex
Christ the King
cogito ergo sum
i think therefore i am
corpus christi
body of christ
ed facto
in fact