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pudor, pdurois, m
sense of shame; decency, chastity
silex, silicis, m
hard stone, flint (often used of the absence of emotions, or hardhearednesss)
Pygmalion, Pygmalionis, m
Pygmalion (legendary king of Cyprus, though here seen only as a sculptor)
concipio, concipere, concepi, conceptus
to receive; to conceive, develop; to express or compose (in words)
concha, ae, f
shellfish (especially the murex, the ancients' principal source for purple dye)
gemma, ae, f
jewel, gem
formosus, a, um
beautiful, lovely (a commmon epithet in elegy)
stratum, i, n
bedding, coverlet (often in pl) bed
just as, as if, as though
festus, a, um
festive, with dies a holiday, festival
icio, icere, ici, ictus
to strike (with a weapon -here a sacrificial knife or ax)
accendo, accendere, accendi, accensus
to kindle, ignite, to make hotter, intensify
cera, ae, f
beeswax, wax (in any of its various uses, including, as here, modeling); a writing tablet
pollex, pollicis, m
vena, ae, f
blood-vessel, vein; vein, streak (of some stone or mineral)
ora, ae, f
shore, coast
tendo, tendere, tetendi, tentus
to extend, stretch forth; to proceed
omen, ominis, n
omen, augury, sign
all the way to or from; continuously
auspicium, i, n
omen, augury
superus, a, um
above, upper
Rhodopeius, a, um
of Mt. Rhodope
vates, vatis, m
prophet, bard, poet
simulacrum, i, n
likeness; image, statue; phantom, ghost
fungor, fungi, functus sum + abl
to perform; to experience, suffer
pello, pellere, pepuli, pulsus
to beat against, strike, to drive away, banish, expel
quisquis, quidquid
any who, whoever, whatever
falsus, a, um
untrue, false, misleading, deceptive
opacus, a, um
shaded; shadowy, dark, dim
fama, ae, f
report, tradition, story
Eurydice, Eurydices, acc Eurydicen, f
Eurydice (a Thracian numph, wife of Orpheus)
fatum, i, n
prophecy, destiny, fate; Fate (as a deity); doom, death
perago, peragere, peregi, peractusa
to chase; to complete; to go through; to live out, complete
munus, muneris, n
a required task; tribute, offering (to a deity); gift (with pro, as a gift) favor, service
usus, us, m
use, employment, the right to use or enjoy (especially with reference to propoerty owned by another) potential for use, utility; marriage
venia, ae, f
favor, kindness, blessing; forgiveness, pardon; reprieve, remission
fleo, flere, flevi, fletus
to weep, cry, to weep for, lament
carppo, carpere, carpsi, carptus
to pluck, gather; to tear at; to travel, pursue (a path)
volucris, volucris, f
a winged creature, bird
vaco (1)
to be empty, unfilled; to be free from, take rest from
saxum, i, n
a stone, roc, boulder
heros, heroos, m
lumen, luminis, n
light, an eye; vision, gaze, glance
densus, a, um
thick, dense, frequent
margo, marginis, m
wall; border, edge; margin
metuo, metuere, metui, metutus
to fear, be afraid of
prendo, prendere, prendi, prensus
to grasp, seize, take hold of; to catch, capture
Ceres, Cereris, f
Ceres (goddes of grain)