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ā, ab
(prep. + abl.) from, away from, by
abdō, abdere, abdidī, abditus
put away, hide
abhorreō, abhorrēre, abhorruī
shrink from, be averse to
accendō,accendere, accendī, accensus
burn, blaze, inflame, incense
accidō, accidere, accidī
accipiō, accipere,accepī, acceptus
accept, receive
accumbō, accumbere,accubuī
lay down, take one's place at a table
accusō, accusāre, accusavī, accusatus
accuse, blame
ācer, acris, acre
sharp, pierce, eager, keen
acerbus, acerba, acerbum
bitter, harsh, sour, morose
aciēs, aciēī (f.)
edge, line of battle, military formation
acuō, acuere, acuī, acūtus
sharpen, hone
acūtus, acūta, acūtum
sharp, pointed, intelligent
(prep. + accus.)to, toward
(adv.) so, such, to such a degree
adficiō, adficere, adfēcī, adfectus
affect, treat, manage, influence, handle
adflīgō, adflīgere, adflixī, adflictus
afflict, strike down
adgredior, adgredī, adgressus
approach, go to, attack, undertake
adhibeō, adhibēre, adhibuī, adhibitus
apply, summon, employ
(adv.) to this point, hitherto
adigō, adigere, adēgī, adactus
throw, hurl, drive
adimō, adimere, adēmī, ademptus
remove, take away
adipiscor, adipiscī, adeptus
obtain, get, reach, win
aditus, aditūs (m.)
approach, etrance
administrō, administrāre, administravī, administratus
govern, manage
admittō, amittere, admisī, admissus
amit, let go, permit, commit
(adv.) guite, very
admoneō, admonēre, admonuī, admonitus
warn, remind
adorior, adorīrī, adortus
rise up, attack
adsequor, adsequī, adsecūtus
attain, accomplish, follow after
adsiduus, adsidua, adsiduum
constantm continual
adsum, adesse, adfuī, adfutūrus
be present, be near
adulēscēns, adulēscēntis (m.)
teenager, youth, young person
adversus, adversa, adversum
opposite, opposing
aedēs, aedis (f.)
temple; (plural) house
aedificium, aedificī (n.)
aeger, aegra, aegrum
sick, ill, feeble
(adv.) sickly, feebly, with difficulty
aequō, aequāre, aequavī, aequatus
equalize, equal, make equal
aequor, aequoris (n.)
sea, ocean, smooth surface
aequus, aequa, aequum
even, equal, fair, level, favorable
āēr aeris
aerariaum, aerarī (n.)
aes,aeris (n.)
bronze, copper
aestās, aetātis (f.)
aestus, aestūs (m.)
tide, heat
aetās, aetātis (f.)
age, period of time
aeternus, aeterna, aeternum
eternal, lasting
aethēr, aetheris (m)
(upper) air
aevum, aevī (n.)
age, lifetime
ager, agrī (n)
agger, aggeris (m)
rampart, mound
aggredior, aggredī, aggressus
approach, rebuke, attack
agitō, agitāre, agitavī, agitatus
drive, excite, arouse, disturb
agmen, agminis (n)
line of march, formation
agnoscō, agnoscere, agnovī, agnitus
agō, agere, ēgī, actus
do, act, drive, treat
agrestis, agreste
of the country, rural, boorish, unsophisticated
āla, ālae (f.)
alacer, alacris, alacre
brisk, eager, active