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luna, lunae f.
aetās, aetātis f.
age, lifetime, time
agmenm agminis n.
line (of march), column, army; multitude, throng
auctōritās, auctōritātis f,
authority; influence
nōmen, nōminis n.
ōs, ōris n. in sing. or pl.
mouth; face
sōl, sōlis m.
aliquis, aliquid (indef. pronoun)
someone, something; anyone, anything
aliquī, aliqua, aliquod (indef. adj.)
some, any
quis, quid (indef. pron.)
someone, something; anyone, anything
quī, qua, quod (indef. adj.)
some, any
quisquam, quicquam (indef. pron.)
someone, something; anyone anything
quisque, quidque (quicque) (indef. Pron.)
each or every man or woman, each or everything
quīque, quaeque, quodque (indef. adj.)
each, every
spectō (1-tr.)
look at, observe
accidō, accidere, accidī, ----
efficiō declined like facio
make; bring about
occidō, occidere, occidī, occāsūrus
fall, set;die
premō, premere, pressī, pressus
press (hard); overpower; check
opprimō, opprimere, opressī, opressus
press on; close; overwhelm, oppress
orior, orīrī, ortus sum
rise, arise
absum, abesse, āfuī, āfutūrus
be absent, be distant
adsum, adesse, adfuī, adfutūrus
be present, be near
cōnferō, cōnferre, contulī, collātus
bring together, collect; compare; direct; confer (on)
licet, licēre, licuit or licitum est
it is permitted
oportet, oportēre, oportuit
it is proper, it is right
cūnctus, a, um
reliquus, a, um
remaining, rest (of)
absēns, absentis
vetus, veteris
necesse (indeclinable adj.)
adeō (adv.)
to such or so great an extent, (so) very
haud (adv.)
not at all, by no means
quodsī (conj.)
but if
vel... vel..
(conj.) or; (adv.) even
either... or...
vix (adv.)
scarcely, hardly