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Atrium (noun)
English: atrium
Derivative: atrium
Canis (noun)
English: dog
Derivative: canine
Cubiculum (noun)
English: bedroom
Derivative: cubicle
Culina (noun)
English: kitchen
Derivative: culinary
Filius (noun)
English: son
Derivative: affiliation
Hortus (noun)
English: garden
Derivative: horticulture
Mater (noun)
English: mother
Derivative: matrimony
Pater (noun)
English: father
Derivative: paternity
Servus (noun)
English: slave
Derivative: servitude
Tablinum (noun)
English: study
Derivative: tablets
Triclinium (noun)
English: dining room
Via (noun)
English: road
Derivative: viaduct, deviate
Est (verb)
English: he/she/it/there is
Derivative: is
Laborat (verb)
English: he/she/it works
Derivative: labor
Sedet (verb)
English: he/she/it sits
Derivative: sedentary
In (preposition)
English: in/on
Derivative: invest,in, invent, inquire, interesting, intellectual