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Habeo, Habere, Habui, Habitus
(Verb) Have, Hold; Consider
Duco, Ducere, Duxi, Ductus
(Verb) Lead
(adj.) Chosen, Elect
Hebraeus, Hebraei
M. Hebrew
Induco, Inducere, Induxi, Inductus
(Verb) Lead into, Bring into
(adj.) Christian
Deleo, Delere, Delevi, Delectus
(Verb) Destroy, Wipe Out
Capio, Capere, Cepi, Captus
(Verb) Take, Receive; Understand
Bibo, Bibere, Bibi, Bibitus
(Verb) Drink
Domus, Domi
F. Home, House
Trado, Tradere, Tradidi, Traditus
(Verb) Give over, hand down, betray
Ago, Agere, Egi, Actus
(Verb) Do, drive, Conduct
Gratias Agere
Give thanks (to), Thank (+ Dat.)
Facio,Facere, Feci, Factus
(Verb) Do, Make
Advenio, Advenire, Adveni, Adventus
(Verb) Come, Arrive
Venio, Venire, Veni, Ventus
(Verb) Come
Seduco, Seducere, Seduxi, Seductus
(Verb) Deceive
Afficio, Afficere, Affeci, Affectus
(Verb) Affect
Templum, Templi
N. Temple, Church
Efficio, Efficere, Effeci, Effectus
(Verb) Make, Effect
(Adj.) Egyptian
Accipio, Accipere, Accepi, Acceptus
(Verb) Take, Get, Receive
Perduco, Perducere, Perduxi, Perductus
(Verb) Lead through, bring to
Credo, Credere, Credidi, Creditus
(Verb) Believe (in), Trust (in)
(Interrog. Adv.) For What Reason? Why?
Deficio, Deficere, Defeci, Defectus
(Verb) Fail, Waste, Vanish
Moneo,Monere, Monui, Monitus
(Verb) Warn, Advise; teach
Fugo, Fugare, Fugavi, Fugatus
(Verb) Put to flight, chase away
Convenio, Convenire, Conveni, Conventus
(Verb) Come together; be fitting
Audio, Audire, Audivi(audii), auditus
(Verb) Hear
Recipio, Recipere, Recepi, Receptus
(Verb) Take back, Regain
Invenio, Invenire, Inveni, Inventus
(Verb) Come Upon, Find
Jungo, Jungere, Junxi, Junctus
(Verb) Join, Unite
Educo, Educere, Eduxi, Eductus
(Verb) Lead out
Conjungo, Conjungere, Conjunxi, Conjunctus
(Verb) Join, Unite
Exaudio, Exaudire, Exaudivi(Exaudii), Exauditus
(Verb) Hear (favorably)
Misceo, Miscere,Miscui, Mixtus
(Verb) Mix, Mingle
Aut (coord. Conj.)
Or; Either...or
Natus, Nati
M. Son, Child
(Enclitic interrog. Particle) Use in sentence questions
Reddo, Reddere, Reddidi, Redditus
(Verb) Give back, Render
(adv.) So far, Till now, Still
N. Example