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grãti-a ae (1f)
thanks, recompense
auxili-um i (2n)
impedîment-um î (2n)
uoluptâs uoluptât-is (3f)
desire, love, passion
breu-is e (adj)
short, brief
imper-õ (+dat)
I give orders (to), command
obst-õ obstit-i (+dat)
I obstruct, stand in the way of
operam d-õ ded-i dat-us (+dat)
I pay attention to
faue-õ 2 fau-i faut-um (+dat)
I do service to, favour
pãre-õ 2 (+dat)
I obey
tene-õ 2
I hold
licet 2 licu-it/licitum est
it is permitted to x(dat) to y(infin.)
grãtiãs agõ (+dat)
I thank
praesum praeesse praefu-i praefutur-us (+dat)
I am in charge of, at the head of
defective verb;
1st s; inquam
2nd s; inquis
3rd pl; inquiunt
necesse est
it is necessary
what is possessive dative?
est/sunt+person possessing in dative ie; est mihi seruus
'there is a slave to me'
what is sympathetic dative?
used instead of genetive to stress involvement of the person; oculi mihi splendent
'the eyes for me are shining'
what is dative of judging?
means 'in the eyes of'
uir bonus mihi uidetur;
'he seems a good man to me'
what is ethic dative?
person in dative is or should be especially concerned about the action. Always used with personal pronoun, which is not directly translated; quid mihi Celsus agit
'what is Celsus doing (I'm especially interested)
Guess what? Listen!Pay attention;
what are non-personal uses of dative?
purpose for which something is done;
pecuniam doti; he gives money for/as a dowry
What are predicative datives?
datives of purpose are used with verb 'to be';
1xpredicative dative followed by 1xdat. of advantage; milites saluti sunt ciuibus 'the soldiers are a salvation to the citizens'