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to trust, rely on, but not entrust [+Dat]
Credo, Credere, Credidi, Creditus
to favor, offer a favor to [+Dat]
Faveo, Favere, Favi
to harm, do harm to, injure [+Dat]
Noceo, Nocere, Nocui
to spare, be lenient to [+Dat]
Parco, Parcere, Peperci
to obey, be obedient to [+Dat]
Pareo, Parere, Parui
to please, be pleasing to [+Dat]
Placeo, Placere, Placui, Placitus
to resist, oppose, offer resistence to [+Dat]
Resisto, Resistere, Restiti
to serve, help, offer service to [+Dat]
Servio, Servire, Servivi
to favor, strive after [+Dat]
Studeo, Studere, Studui
to convince, persuade [+Dat]
Suadeo, Suadere, Suasi
to use, make use of [+Abl]
Utor, Uti, Usus sum
to make use of, enjoy [+Abl]
Fruor, Frui, Fructus sum
to be engaged in, be busy with, discharge [+Abl]
Fungor, Fungi, Functus sum
to take control of, aquire, obtain [+Abl]
Potior, Potiri, Potitus sum
to feed on [+Abl]
Vescor, Vesci