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-tor, -sor

denotes: agent, the doer, the one who (Eng. "-er")

victor -(vinco) conqueror
scriptor -(scribere) writer
lector -(legere) reader
orator -(oratum) speaker
repertor -(repertio) discoverer
auctor -(augeo) increaser
liberator -(libero) liberator
tonsor -(tondeo) barber
amator -(amo) lover
action, or result of action (Eng. "-or")

amor -(love) love
timor -(timeo) fear
dolor -(doleo) pain, suffering
error -(erro) error
terror -(terreo) terror
action, or result of action

studium -(studeo) eagerness, study
colloquium -(colloquor) talk, conference
imperium -(imperare) command
odium -(odi) hate
aedificium -(aedifico) building
silentium -(silens) silence
action, or result of action
(Engl. "-tion" or "-sion")

admonitio -(admoneo) admonition
ratio -(reor) reckoning, reason
oratio -(oro, oratum) oration
natio -(nascor) birth
occasio -(occido) a befalling
quality, state, condition
(Engl. "-y")

miseria -(miser) misery
insania -(insanus) insanity
victoria -(victor) victory
invidia -(invidus) envy
iniuria -(iniurus) injury
quality, state, or condition
(Engl. "-ce")

amicitia (amicus) friendship
sapientia (sapiens) sapience, wisdom
scientia (sciens) knowledge, science
iustitia (iustus) justice
diligentia (diligens) diligence
-tas, -tatis
quality, state, or condition
(Engl. "-ty")

libertas (liber) freedom
veritas (versus) truth
paupertas (pauper) poverty
cupiditas (cupidus) greed, cupidity
gravitas (gravis) weight, seriousness
celeritas (celer) swiftness
-tudo, -tudinis
quality, state, or condition
(Engl. "-tude")

multitudo (multus) multitude
magnitudo (magnus) magnitude
pulchritufo (pulcher) beauty
solitudo (solus) solitude
sollicitudo (sollicitus) solicitude
-osus, -osa, -osum
adjectival suffix meaning "full of"
(Engl. "-ous" or "-ose")

studiosus (studium) full of zeal
imperiosus (imperium) full of command
periculosus (periculum) full of dander
vitosus (vitium) full of vice
verbosus (verbum) wordy, verbose
-bilis, -bile
adjectival suffix meaning "able to be," "worthy to be," "able to"
(Engl. "-able," "-ible," "ble")

laudabilis (laudo) worthy to be praised, laudable
amabilis (amo) worthy to be loved, lovable
incredibilis (credo) not worthy of belief, incredible
mobilis (moveo) movable
inexpugnabilis (expugno) unconquerable
stabilis (sto) able to stand, stable
-alis, -ale
Adjectival suffix denoting "pertaining to"
(Engl. "-al" or "-ar")

mortalis - pertaining to death, mortal
vitalis - pertaining to life, vital
fatalis - fatal
-aris, -are
Adjectival suffix denoting "pertaining to"
(Engl. "-al" or "-ar")

popularis - popular
vulgaris - common, vulgar
-anus, -ana, -anum
Adjectival suffix denoting "pertaining to"
(Engl. "-an" or "-ane")

Romanus - pertaining to Rome, Roman
humanus - pertaining to men, human
urbanus - pertaining to the city, urbane
mundanus - worldly
-icus, -ica, -icum
Adjectival suffix denoting "pertaining to"
(Engl. "-ic")

domesticus - pertaining to the house, domestic
publicus - pertaining to the people, public
rusticus - rustic
civicus - civic
classicus - pertaining to the classes, classic