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mens sana in corpore sano
a sound mind in a sound body
minor details
modus operandi
mode of (method of) operating (working)
modus vivendi
a way of living
montani semper liberi
mountaineers are always free (West Virginia motto)
multum in parvo
much in something small
(substantive adj.)
nolens volens
willing or not; want to or not; without a choice; willy-nilly
ne plus ultra
no more beyond; point of perfection
nolo contendere
I don't want to contend; don't plead guilty but don't plead not guilty either
non compos mentis
not sound of mind; insane
non sequitor
it doesn't follow; not a logical sequence
nosce te ipsum
know thyself
Novia Scotia
New Scotland
novus homo
new man; rookie (in government)