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Predicate Nominative
Asia est prōvincia.
Asia is a province.
Nominative as Subject
Asia est prōvincia.
Asia is a province.
Genitive of Possession
agricola vīlla
the farmer's farmhouse, the farmhouse of the farmer

agricolārum vīllae
the farmers' farmhouses, the farmhouses of the farmers
Partitive Genitive (Genitive of the Whole)
Pars urbis occupāta est.
Part of the city has been seized.

Multae nāvium ad īnsulam nāvigant.
Many of the ships are sailing to the island.

Multitūdō nāvium ad īnsulam nāvigat.
A large number of ships is sailing to the island.
Objective Genitive
meus amor puellae
my love for the girl

fuga malōrum
a flight from evils
Objective Genitive With Verbs
Post bellum Caesar rērum potītus est.
After the war Caesar took charge.

Vestrī meminēreunt.
They remember you.

Aenēāsne rēgīnae oblīvīscētur?
Will Aeneas forget the queen?
Genitive of Description
Vir magnae virtūtis
A man of great courage
Genitive of Measure
amnis decem pedum
a ten-foot river (a river of ten feet)
Genitive of Indefinite Value
Servus parvī est.
The slave is of little value.

Vīlla magnī est.
The farmhouse is of great value.

Tuum cōnsilium plūris faciō.
I consider your advice worth more.

Tua verba nihilī faciō.
I consider your words worth nothing.
Dative of the Indirect Object
Rēgīnae fābulam narrābat.
He was telling a story to the queen.
He was telling the queen a story.

Equum vocant dōnum deīs.
They call the horse a gift to the gods.