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careō, ,carēre, caruī, ____
lack (with ablative of seperation)
habeō, habēre, habuī, habitum
have, hold; consider
praebeō, praebēre, praebuī, praebitum
(hold in front) offer
prohibeō, prohibēre, prohibuī, prohibitum
(hold out in front) hold off, keep away; prohibit
iaceō, iacēre, iacuī, iacitum
lie, be situated
maneō, manēre, mānsī, mānsum
stay, remain, last
teneō, tenēre, tenuī, tentum
hold, grasp
contineō, continēre, continuī, contentum
hold together, restrain
retineō, retinēre, retinuī, retentum
hold back
sustineō, sustinēre, sustinuī, sustentum
hold up, withstand
timeō, timēre, timuī, ____
fear, be afraid
videō, vidēre, vīdī, vīsum
see; (passive) seem
prae (prep. w. abl. of place where)
before, ahead of; in comparison with
prō (prep. w. abl. of place where)
before, out in front of; for (on behalf of, in exchange for, in proportion to)