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Salvatori gratiam Christianus ostendit.
The/A Christian shows the Savior gratitude/shows gratitude to the Savior.
Gloriam regi patria dat.
The country gives the king glory/glory to the king.
Dux regis gloriam dat.
The general gives the king glory/glory to the king.
Verbum Dei est veritas.
The Word of God is truth.
Nobis viam ostendit.
It shows us the way/It shows the way to us.
Christus peccatori veniam praebet.
Christ offers the sinner pardon. Christ offers pardon to the sinner.
Dominus cordi Christiani pacem dat.
The Lord gives the heart of a Christian peace./The Lord gives peace to the heart of a Christian.
Vitam aeternam dedit Christiano Deus.
God gave the Christian eternal life./ God gave eternal life to the Christian.
Lingua Latina est similus linguae Graecae.
The Latin language is similar to the Greek language.
Quintus est fidelis duci.
Quintus is faithful to the leader/general.
Ille puer est amicus mihi.
That boy is friendly to me.
Christus cordi Christiani pacem dat.
Christ gives peace to the heart of a Christian.
Pecunia cordi Christiani pacem non dat.
Money does not give peace to the heart of a Christian.
Salvator peccatori veniam praebet.
The Savior offers the sinner forgiveness/pardon.
Christus Christiano vitam aeternam dat.
Christ gives the Christian eternal life.
Christus est fidelis mihi et tibi.
Christ is faithful to me and to you.
Christianus verus est fidelis Christo.
The true Christian is faithful to Christ.