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Zeus's roman name
Jupiter or Jove
Zeus's symbols
lightening bolts and Scepter
Brothers and sisters of Zeus
Hera Hades Poisidon Demeter and Hestina
Patron of what?
hospitality and supplicants
When olymics start
1500 BC
Who is the monster that guarded Io
Argus the 100 eyed monster killed by Hermes
When did Zeus come to a girl threw a shower?
He came to Danae as a shower of gold and made her pregnant Perseus ships her out to sea
What happened to Kronus
Put into Tartarus a part of the underworld
Name the children and names of the the two most famous affairs.
Europa- Minos, Rhadamanthys, & Sarpedon
Leda- Castor, Pollox the Gemini twin, Helen and Clytemnestra
Roman name of Aphordite.
Famous painting of Venus.
Venus de Milo or the Birth of Venus
How was she created?
Kronus castrated Uranus and she came out of the foam her name means from foam
Venus is the goddess of ----
Pure and spiritual love and beauty
Who was Venus's husband?
Name 4 of Aphordites affairs and the children
Hermes and Venus is Hermafiditus
Dionysus and Venus is Hymen and Priapus
Anchises and Aphordite is Aeneas and Anteros
Ares and Venus is Eros
What is Hera's Roman name?
Symbols of Hera
Milky Way, Peacock, cow, Pomegranate
Hera's children
Ares and Hephaestus
The Roman name of Poseidon
Symbols of Poseidon
Dolphins horses and tridents
Powers of Poseidon
God of the sea
palace made of gems and coral
patron of Athens
earth shaker and casue of natural disasters
Wife of Poseidon
nereid named Amfotrite had a son named Triton
What were the results of Poseidon's affairs
Gorgon or Medussa is Pegisis and Polythemis
Demeter his sister
Prodeus old man of the sea shape changer
Roman name of Hephestus
The holiday which celebrates Hephestus
What is Hephestus's job?
Blacksmith of the Gods
What are Hephestus's symbols
Hammer and anvil axe and throngs
Relations of Hephestus.
Parent is Hera
Where did Hephestus live?
in a forge
What are Cupids symbols
hearts, heart pierced by arrow, bow and arrow, and small child
Who are Eros's parents?
Venus and Mars or Mercury and Venus
What are two tales of conseption?
came out of chaos or an egg laid by the darkness and the earth
What are Eros's powers?
ruled over dead in Hades kingdom and creatures of the sea the power to make two people love or hate one another
What were the beliefs of cupid's cult?
mated with Chaos to produce gods and men
Who was Eros's wife?
name Athena's roman name.
What is Athena God of?
wisdom, war, and crafts
what group was she part of?
3 virgin goddesses of Mount Olympis
What cities and temples are dedicated to Athena?
Athens and Parthenon
What are Athena's symbols?
spear, Aegis, Helemet, olive tree, owl (wisdom) and dove (victory)
What is the story about the conception of Athena?
Gaea warned Zeus that Metis would have a son that would overthrow him so he tured her into a fly and swalowed her but got a head ache and Hephestus cracked his head open and out she popped