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vigilO, vigilAre,
vigilAvI, vigilAtum
I watch (or guard), to watch,
I watched, watched
clAmO, clAmAre,
clAmAvI, clAmAtum
I shout, to shout,
I shouted, shouted
tardO, tardAre,
tardAvI, tardAtum
I delay, to delay,
I delayed, delayed
habitO, habitAre,
habitAvI, habitAtum
I live, to live,
I lived, lived
dEmOnstrO, dEmOnstrAre,
dEmOnstrAvI, dEmOnstrAtum
I point out, to point out,
I pointed out, pointed out
lUdus, lUdI
school, game
hortus, hortI
lupus, lupI
socius, sociI
ally, associate
aquArius, aquAriI
sum, es, est
sumus, estis, sunt
I am, you are, (h/s/i) is,
we are, y'll are, they are
Verbs that don't follow a regular pattern are called ____________ verbs.
A sentence is a group of words that makes a complete thought and includes both a ___________ and a ________.
a subject and a verb
Lupus errat.
The wolf wanders.
Germana clamat.
The sister shouts.